New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Arthas, the dark one

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PostSubject: Arthas, the dark one   Arthas, the dark one EmptyFri Mar 04 2011, 18:00

Name: Arthas

Age: 8

Species: Horse

Breed: Akhal Teke

Gender: Stallion

Description: A very handsome dun stallion with black socks and mane and tail. An ivory star adorns his forehead. He has dark brown eyes.

Height: 14.3

History: Arthas was taught to be a forcer and that is what he is today. The only thing is, he is trying to stop but it is no easy thing.
He needs someone who understands him. This he found in Falesha. Though she was once stolen by Corus, bhe managed to get her back, and while she was gone he had become a forcer again. Eventually after her safe return, he became not a forcer again.
Yet fate has once mroe decided to rip them apart, this time in the name of Thyone!

He can be a bit of a brute at times, but that is from a childhood that was not all the nicest of things. From an early age, his father taught him that mares were worthless, and only needed to continue a stallion's bloodlines. That some were only fit for slavery as well, not even for reproduction. he was drilled in fighting techniques, his father taught him to fight for everything in his life.
He stumbled across a beautiful fae though in Alaknanda, and when he did, over time he seemed to change from the cruel, merciless, forcer without a heart, into someone who was generally kind and giving, no matter what the request. Now though he fears the return of his darker nature.

Image (optional):
Arthas, the dark one Achal_Teke_Mingam_by_Arcona
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PostSubject: Re: Arthas, the dark one   Arthas, the dark one EmptyFri Mar 04 2011, 20:54

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Arthas, the dark one
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