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 A second and last time [ala]

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A second and last time [ala] Empty
PostSubject: A second and last time [ala]   A second and last time [ala] EmptyThu Mar 03 2011, 22:27

She moved into the glade remembering coming here twice before. This would be the final time she came here, though she knew that she would outlive him because she was a bit younger than he was. She would ahve to think about that though when the time came.

Looking above her, she saw Dragon Wing gliding along, though she stopped and waited for him to come to her.
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A second and last time [ala] Empty
PostSubject: Re: A second and last time [ala]   A second and last time [ala] EmptyThu Mar 03 2011, 22:43

Dragon Wing

I flew above Moonsilght as we came into the Glade I smiled as i watched her stop. I did not land very quickly but turned and spirled down to her so when i did land i landed facing her. I smiled and walked over before speaking " well we are here once more Moonsilght" I looked around then waited a little longer before asking "shall i"
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A second and last time [ala]
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