New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Here and foaling

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Here and foaling Empty
PostSubject: Here and foaling   Here and foaling EmptyMon Feb 28 2011, 17:19

The four faes only just made it to Haven of Peace. One of them, was rather slow for her age at the moment, but that was for an obvious reason. Marked Faith, had foudn herself a lot slower, due to her constantly moving foal. Eventually, just inside the border of their home to be, she collapsed, snorting. Her daughters moved away from her though, knowing she needed some room for a bit. They stood, talking quietly amongst themselves as the two foals.. were born.

One was a tiny little light beige dun filly, known from now on as Hunted Desire. The second was a white colt who would be known as Tempted Lust. ONce they were clean though the group of mares and the three youngesters moved on.
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Here and foaling
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