New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open]

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This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open] Empty
PostSubject: This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open]   This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open] EmptyFri Feb 18 2011, 08:53

This is Mine

Those words vibrated through the still morning air in such a cliche manner as daggers impounded the murky waters. The waters did not reject him in an abrasive manner but clung to the long dangling pillars nonetheless. Royals of the territory had abandoned the land, and the queen had been some form. Their rules had abraded, and the situations was so apposite for the young Kelpie. Deep navy blotches fell perfectly on his pelt, making him look just like the swamp cats that seemed to wander constantly here. The land had not attacked him yet, so perhaps, it longed for its long lost friend.

"You shall keep your name but nothing else," the mouth opened slightly, just to reveal several sets of sharp teeth, covered in slime as his lips parted. Grimy tresses fell over the opposite side of his nape, his greatness was revealed. In this case, they could offer no tender to get this territory back, for it was his one and only love for now, but soon there would be many. Sauntering on, his fins stuck up in dominance to anyone who dared to look at him, a snarl closed in his windpipes. Sickly green orbs darted around, finding an ebony shadow laying under a willow tree of the land. "Who are you...vixen?" Shetani asked, malice in his vocals.

In an instant, the ebony fae rose from her position, the swamp wrapping around her like a blanket as she moved forward lucidly. The scene was so placid in its own morbid sense, a fight to happen. Fire consumed her first, then water, earth, and air - she was amazing. "Leave me alone. You don't bother me. We rule different domains...I am of the wolves, and you are of the horses. Iris," she murmured. Such intelligent words from one he didn't believe could reason. Nodding, the king went on in his search for others.
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This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open]   This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open] EmptyFri Feb 18 2011, 14:10

He moved towards where Iris was, knowing that the safest place for him was with her at the time. He appreared after the stallion left her.
"What was that all about? And who the hell is he?" There was no way he was leaving at the moment, not if she was not. That was a disaster waiting to happen. They belonged together. Her four elements and his one element of the lightning and thunder.
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This is MINE, so Everyone - Leave! [open]
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