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New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Troy   Troy EmptyFri Feb 18 2011, 03:47

Name: Troy

Age: 18 [Immortal]

Species: Horse

Breed: Solven [Given permission by Erosaf]

Gender: Stallion

Description: A wonderful earthy brown pelt he has. His mane and tail are a mixture of grey, brown and white. His two forelegs are white from the knees downwards, with black tic-tac-toe markings at the knees. The back legs are brown the whole way, with black 'tic-tac-toe' marks and a white slash parting the mark diagonally at the knee. His eyes, hooves and horns are a creamy-white. His eyes take on the shade of lace agate. White markings curve from the corner of his eyes towards the center of his face, stopping above each nostril. A black stripe parts his face into two, coming down his forehead all the way to the middle of his muzzle. His hindquarters have swirly, white markings, giving him a rather exotic look.

Height: 19hh

History: When Troy was a foal, his dam and sire had quickly begun to teach him about everything the world offered. The highs and lows it held, how harsh it can be, and also, how, at the same time, it was beautiful and magical. Even as he grew older, they never revealed their names to him, and only told him to call them 'Papa' and 'Mama'. When Troy was two, still just a colt, he witnessed the death of his Mother. Killed by a another who was mad with unknown rage, he struck his mother and that was all it needed to make her fall with a thud. Papa was struck with an unbearable grief, unable to live any longer without his beloved mate. Over the days, the Solven stallion stopped eating, and even, stopped smiling. It was obvious to anyone's eyes, even a blind one's, that he was depressed. Troy soon predicted that this would cause the death of his only guidance and his hope, in the cold, heartless world. Still, Troy accompanied his Papa wherever he led him, sometimes staying in the same place for weeks without a word from his once, joyous father. One day, Papa stood at the edge of a stream, with his trusted 'son' obediently standing quietly behind him. Papa ceased his travel, and looked down at his reflection, eyes dull with sadness. He yearned for his mate. Papa looked up at the grey skies. To him, it looked as if, even the sky yearned as himself. Troy edged a few inches forward, questioning his father what was wrong. All he responded with was. "Gavreel. That is my name." He said softly. Gavreel took a spot underneath a large tree, its twisted trunk and worn out bark. "Proceed without me, leave me to mourn silently, my son." He requested, his voice cracking slightly. Troy knew that it was his time, he dipped his head once and left. Just as he was about to glance over his shoulder, his father stopped him. "Don't look back. Once you've made a decision, there is no turning back. Remember that. Chose your decisions wisely, my son." The wise Solven said, then continued to curl up into a large ball.

Those were to be the last words that Talon would ever hear from his father.

Personality: Troy is a lover of freedom and enjoys the simplest things. Though having had a rough previous life, any act of compassion shown towards him is immediately taken as a sign of friendship. A real flirt and doesn't mind getting through a bit of trouble to get what he wants, though if he feels that you're advancing too quickly, he'll grow nervous and get all defensive. Sometimes enjoys getting in fights for the fun of it, not too serious though. Troy doesn't do well in crowds and won't approach unless he feels comfortable, this is probably due to his past trauma or experiences. Despite his rather young age, he knows too well how harsh life can be. It takes time for this fellow to open up, confessing feelings is something rare and usually won't happen. Trust is something you automatically know you've gained. Forgiving and forgetting are easy, so he won't stay angry for long, he's more of a kidder and will be that guy to cheer you up in bad situations.

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