New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Ailia   Ailia EmptyThu Feb 17 2011, 16:39

Name: Ailia

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Celestial Horse - You may not make this breed

Gender: Mare

Description: Ailia is a rather tall fae with the bodice of a star, large in presence and strength. In hue, the fae is a pure crystal white hue, shining like the stars themselves. Her nose is a light pink shade, the pigmentation around it lacking with her purity. Upon her bodice, she has various bits of spotting, being more intense in some places and less intense in others. Ailia's eyes are pure black with depth.

Height: 16hh

History: It seemed as if her life began at the age of two, but that was incorrect. She was molded by the great creating goddess, Andromeda and given the knowledge of the stars to serve good. The goddess thought it was about times to get her own 'helpers' since the evil side got some. So, she made Ailia, a pretty celestial horse. Ailia has great power and shares many of the powers that the celestial goddess has. Once she learned of this world from the inside, Ailia wandered off and joined a small herd of mares that seemed to band together without a stag. Although Flammis Odio was annoying at first, they remarkably became good friends.

Personality: Ailia is nothing but kind to everyone, and she tries to be understanding to everyone regardless of their situations. She's very good at putting herself in someone else's shoes and showing them sympathy. Ailia has a very cool head and takes pride in her good temperament around foals and other mares. She's an extremely good teacher and likes to share her knowledge. Ailia has always longed for love but has never been able to find it; she hopes she can.

Image (optional): Ailia Star_Chaser_by_Taint_ed
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