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PostSubject: Cascada   Cascada EmptyThu Feb 17 2011, 16:26

Name: Cascada - Means waterfall

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Arabian X Hykran

Gender: Mare

Description: Cascada is a small, petite mare, known more for her speed than any amount of strength. Her base hue is light blue, and she has an ebony mane and tail. The fae's pillars fade to black and have zebra dun stripes upon them that signify part of her heritage. Cascada has shards on her shoulder and the lower bit of her neck, they fade out as they reach her side. She has several dots on her sides, of white color. Her cheeks are a mask of white that go down the upper bit of her neck, form a stripe down her back and show up with intricate patterns on her rump. The other half of her face is white, and she has deep blue orbs. Look at picture for specifics.

Height: 15hh

History: Cascada was born into a small home out of two purebred Arabians; she was destined to greatness. She grew up always running, but her parents kept her hid for some reason. Until she looked at her reflection in a pond, she wasn't sure why. Then, she knew that she was different than then. Accepting it, she went her own way, meeting up with a few others and making a herd for herself. Cascada seeks love, but she wants someone who will do more than gawk at her beauty.

Personality: Generally, Cascada is a very sweet mare who likes to please her friends. She has no family, but she is loyal to most anyone who will offer to take on that role. Instead of using them, though, she helps them too, being a very independent individual. Cascada likes to experiment things for her own and learns well through instructions. To those she likes, she's very loyal and kind, but to those that are mean to her, she simply doesn't speak to.

Image (optional): Cascada Rain_halter_by_mustang_girl-d2zpors
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PostSubject: Re: Cascada   Cascada EmptyThu Feb 17 2011, 23:27

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