New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Flammis Odio

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PostSubject: Flammis Odio    Flammis Odio  EmptyThu Feb 17 2011, 16:24

Name: Flammis Odio - Meaning Flaming Hell

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellfire Nightmare

Gender: Mare

Description: Flammis is a bulky fae with pillars as strong as steel and a bodice bigger than some stags. The top half of her bodice is ebony, and it has star like points scattered about it like a Celestial horse would have. Flammis is far from one though. A light blue neon glow emits from her pillars, neck, and tail. Her underbelly is a light gray, like the beginning of a storm. Flammis, unlike any before her, has deep blue flaming tassels that shine with all the intensity of night and hell. Light emits from her left side, showing her ribs, her bones. An ivory dot surrounds her orbs on both sides, her white pupiless eyes. Two horns also sit atop her great, massive skull.

Height: 19hh

History: Flammis was born in a scorching desert in a well known hellion family, born to the king and queen. When she was born, though, her parents were disgusted to find that she wasn't even a hellion, but a mutation of some sort. Even as a foal, she freaked them out. They wanted to use her to get ahead in the world though - one day, she had enough and left. While she wandered, she had grown cold and joined a traveling band of horses who each were unique in their own way. It pleased her vaguely, even though none of them thought just like she did. Flammis doesn't know her history, much of it, but it is thought that she has connections to hell.

Personality: Flammis has hardly any personality at all, refraining from using terminology from present times. For her age, she uses a varied vocabulary and carries a deep and daunting tone. Her presence is unmistakable, and she has given up all hope, becoming the cold blooded monster she was destined to be. Flammis doesn't care what anyone thinks and acts on what she thinks is okay - which is just about anything. She's not afraid to kill or be killed, and she loves to fight. Just about every word she speaks has a great deal of sarcasm and is meant to insult the one she's speaking with. Flammis doesn't do too well with other mares, and she might just kill them if they try to tell her what to do.

Image (optional): Flammis Odio  Hn_for_sinmisericordia21_by_journytorevenge-d33crqv
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PostSubject: Re: Flammis Odio    Flammis Odio  EmptyThu Feb 17 2011, 23:28

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Flammis Odio
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