New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 A talk [phantom]

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A talk [phantom] Empty
PostSubject: A talk [phantom]   A talk [phantom] EmptyThu Feb 17 2011, 13:45

A powerful horse cantered towards the valley land, knowing that it would not take long for him to get there. His trength of will over the ice and snow was sometimes something found a little daunting by the other horses, but he never used it, unless it was needed. Right now though, he came for a reason, a reason completely important that needed to be seen. He only had found one ally for his land, and that was Ashton.

With one last powerful leap he was there on the snowy plain amongst the silver barked trees, turning his head to see whether there was anyone around. No one seemed to around and he wondered at that. He knew that there were a few here, but would they show up now? He was not a horse that many got to meet, only those who he wanted to know about his breed. Why had he come to this odd place, where horses seemed to blend in with the trees?

There might be two leaders of his homeland, who ran in seperate herds, but they both ruled by each others side. That was a custom though that they had decided upon when they found this land though. They did not have to be in the same herd, for some Eispferd were desendants of him and some of her. Some even would eventually carry both their lines, though it was rare for two Eispferd horses to breed with each other knowing that both leaders would be in the resultant foal. Such things though were Toendra's to worry about. He was more the one who was the warrior type.

He did not have that damned bloodlust thing though, else he'd lose his powers over the ice and become a hellion. It was not something he was even interested in doing ever. There were some lines that he just could not cross. When he was angry, he had to keep it calm and controlled. That was the only thing he could do.

He stopped where he was, waiting, knowing that someone would be along soon enough. He did not leave his land enough to know who the tennants were of a land, seeing as there was little that threatened his icy home. But this was a place that he wanted to be at this time. The land made him feel good, and that meant that it was one of the ones he sought now.
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A talk [phantom]
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