New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 All Must Attend!

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All Must Attend! Empty
PostSubject: All Must Attend!   All Must Attend! EmptyWed Feb 16 2011, 13:39

Clouds rolled across the mountains, signaling a storm was coming, and it didn't look like a very pleasant one, either. The sky had been perfect only moments ago and now it looked as if the clouds would fall upon the earth at any second. Some was coming, and it was bringing hell with it.

If it hadn't been for the white strewn across his pelt, the stag would have disappeared against the black horizon. His empty black eyes did not look troubled, but emotionless, as he stood on the red sand dune, watching the dark clouds roll closer. In fact, he almost seemed pleased. Perhaps he knew what was, or could be bringing the storm to his land.

The wind began to blow, taking sand with it and whipping the stallion's mane and tail in erratic motions. But Trainwreck didn't mind. Instead of flinching, he took off at a gallop, spraying sand behind him, heading in the direction of the storm's origin. Obviously now he knew what was coming and he wasn't afraid to face it head on.

Another stallion came in to view, though he was flying in the sky, his gray body nearly invisible against the storm clouds. Lightning struck around him but he knew he would not be hit, and continued on his way. Trainwreck must have spotted him because he slid to a stop and waited for the winged stag to land. A smirk settled on the king's face as the other began to descend, landing not even twenty feet from him.

"Brother," Trainwreck hissed, glaring at Venom, his younger brother. Venom's father was not Trainwreck's sire, and that was possibly why the king had never spoken to the younger half-brother. Therthis was weak, nothing compared to Corus, who was Trainwreck's sire.

Venom frowned as he heard his brother's tone. This obviously wasn't going to be easy. He was already in a foul mood and fighting with his older brother hadn't really been the plan today.

"Sorry about the mess," Venom said sarcastically, referring to the wind and the heavy drops of rain that had begun to fall.

Trainwreck snorted in disgust. "Why have you come, filth?" he snapped at his brother.

Venom lowered his head and his eyes. "Regrettably, I cannot change my bloodlines, but I can change my future, and make my own destiny. Let me join you, brother," Venom said, raising his own black eyes to look in to Trainwreck's.

Instantly, Trainwreck burst in to dark laughter. Venom shifted uncomfortably, his wings tucked tightly to his sides. "You think you are worthy, little brother?" He sneered, walking in a tight circle around the younger stag. Trainwreck stopped to face his brother. "Prove it!"

At that demand, Venom smirked and spread his wings quickly, as wide as they would go. Lightning struck the sand in front of Trainwreck and the stag looked a bit shocked. Another shock was a leaping ball of flames that came hurdling at the king but stopped merely inches away. It was a wolf, well, what remained of a wolf. Skapad Av Eld had been cursed many years ago to burn eternally, literally.

"I hold the loyalty of this wolf, Shayde, who is created and sustained by fire. I also hold the loyalties of the elements, mainly lightning and wind. I could be a great asset, brother. Accept me!" It was more of a demand and on his last word, lightning struck again.

Trainwreck thought for a moment. At the introduction of his brother, it would be a great time to deal with some other issues he had been meaning to address with everyone. He nodded sharply, not willing to accept the offer out loud.


"All members, slaves or not, come to me now!" Trainwreck yelled to the sky. He would try to patiently wait, with Venom and Shayde standing a few yards behind him. The storm had stopped, now all he needed to get it over with completely was to announce his brother as his right-hand and to solve some problems that had arisen here.

ooc ;; word count = 680, not including coding.

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PostSubject: Re: All Must Attend!   All Must Attend! EmptyWed Feb 16 2011, 14:08

Knochen heard the call and leapt for the skies, knowing she was needed here at the moment. There were some things though that she was not pleased about and eventually she knew she would leave, when the time came to have Hydrus' foal. She soared throught hs sky, unworried by the storm aroudn her, she seemed to repel it with her darker magic.

She landed gracefully, ignoring the other stallion and wolf before turning her eyes on Trainwreck. She knew that there was a reason for their coming but she cared not is the bones on part of her, her lower frint legs and rear end frightened them, she would not be in this land for all that much longer, and they would never see her again. Danger Gully was where she belonged.



Next came the other mare of Trainwreck's heard. The powerful starmarked grand daughter of Satan came to a stop before them, her golden eyes watching those coming with interest for a moment, before turning to look at Trainwreck.

"Yes?" Asylum Escape hissed.


The betta stallion landed before them, not smiling, he knew that there was going to be afew things mentioned here that he might not like, but did he care what this mortal said to him reall? No. Immortality was something he was blessed with, and Trainwreck would never really be able to be more than some of the things that he had seen and done.

Moving with him though there was an ugly chain aroudn her neck, was a young eight year old almost white strawberry roan hellion. She was Chisel and she was his slave.

"You called me?" Satan hissed.
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All Must Attend!
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