New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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The Unwanted

Sides heaving, Armada made her way to the public birthing grounds. These lands disgusted her, but at the time, she had no where else to go. Her and Onyx were without a home, without a land, all because that bastard Frenzy had taken all that was dear to her, all that she had worked hard and tirelessly to maintain and control. The anger she felt from those thoughts almost made her contractions nonexistent. But she soon forgot her anger as the pain increased.

Having been through this twice before, she knew what to expect, and hoped that this time would be easier than the last, considering her first birth had been extremely rough, and her second had been a bit better. Armada did not whimper or flinch from the pain, but accepted it. In a way, this was her form of punishment to herself, allowing that idiot to breed her when she knew she could have fought him, and trusting him when she knew that the deep part of her soul had warned her against it.

Her entire concentration went to her contractions as they increased. She pushed when they tightened and breathed when they relaxed. Soon, she could feel the foal slowly emerging. The hardest part was the shoulders, but that was over rather quickly.

After the entire process, Armada finally got the nerve to turn and look at the foal that she had birthed, the foal that she didn't want but the one she thought she deserved. It was a filly, and she was blood red with black legs, mane and tail. Armada felt slightly sick as she looked in to the filly's unfocused eyes. They were neon blue, just like her father's. The hellion mare snorted with disgust and looked away as the filly tried to get to her feet. Armada did not push her away when she tried to suckle but instead, stood as still as possible, not paying any mind or giving her any attention.

This would be a long couple of months until the filly would leave her side.

Red Raven.

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