New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Tomiko    Tomiko  EmptyMon Feb 14 2011, 11:56

Name: Tomiko

Age: 4 months

Species: Wolf

Breed: Red Wolf x Arctic Wolf X Hell Hound

Gender: Female

Description: Tomiko is a rather large mostly white female wolf with some graying on her sides. As you look to the top of her back, her gray hues get more intense until they are very dark gray. Tomiko's face is mostly gray, and she has golden orbs. She is much stockier than her siblings and has more strength than them; she isn't a very quick wolf.

Height: 3ft

History: Tomiko grew up in Vernien En Seere with her mother, grandfather, and grandmother. She never knew her father, but after hearing all those stories about him, she knew she didn't want to. Her mother was a deaf wolf named Keiria, who didn't know how to speak or listen. To top it off. Tomiko was the only normal wolf out of all her brothers and sisters. She couldn't fly, didn't have flames, and definitely wasn't like her sister, Sade. She's coping with it still, but she plans to leave at a year of age without a word.

Personality: Tomiko is jealous of her brothers and sisters and their abilities, but she tolerates them - she shows them kindness. She longs for freedom and would take the first way out of her old life. Even at this early age, she longs for love and thinks that she doesn't have enough freedom. To most, she's kind and loving yet neutral in the way of war.

Parents: Keiria and Shyam

Image (optional): Tomiko  Gray_wolf_by_picmaster360
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