New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Bittersweet Pain(Epona)

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PostSubject: Bittersweet Pain(Epona)    Bittersweet Pain(Epona)  EmptyMon Feb 14 2011, 11:21

Unbearable pain.

Sides heaved hard, breath flowing harshly through her lungs - she felt like they would explode any moment. A pink tongue lolled out of her mouth as her golden orbs widened. Crepusculum hadn't felt like this - ever, not even when she had been injured in battle. Everything seemed to slow down as her vision blurred and her sides burned with adrenaline. Pups the words rattled in her mind as she grinned with recognition. It was time to bring a new era to this world, but she couldn't even concentrate on it right now. Bringing new evil hurt like hell!

"Draighean," Crep managed to call desperately as she laid herself down, paws folding below her massive bodice as she crashed to the ground. Gritting her ivories, she pushed with all her might, trying to get this over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Growling, she felt something come out of her. It was the first pup, a beautiful female with a mainly gray bodice. Deep blue existed on her back, paws, and harks, and her orbs were a dazzling bright blue. She couldn't look at her for very long, though before the pain began again. How many would there be?

The next two came easily, but she still had more to come, she felt it. Crepusculum looked them over, licking them clean as she awaited her mate. The fourth and fifth came, and it seemed as if none of them had defects yet. They were all breathing like great future conquerors were supposed to; they would live. The last came - they were all too perfect. There were three females, and three males, the perfect combination.
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PostSubject: Re: Bittersweet Pain(Epona)    Bittersweet Pain(Epona)  EmptySun Feb 20 2011, 18:44

Heavy paws laid themselves silently against the soft earth. It had been a few months ago that he had finally bred Crepusculum and a need era of wolves would come to this earth. The rebirth of the Dire wolf would come, his bloodline serving as one of the main attributes, as well as his queen's. Never had he been so sadistically excited for something in his lifetime, except when he had become king next to Crep in this wonderous land of Africa.

Winter had come to this land, as it had to other. But the dry, almost desert-like atmosphere had not turned bitterly cold like other places in this large kingdom. The average temperature had dropped, yes, but for wolves it was perfect weather for living.

Lost in his own thoughts, Draighean barely heard the call at first, but it slowly registered in his mind as his queen. Crepusculum. She sounded stressed, and in pain. Quickly he headed in her direction only to see the birth of the last three pups. There were six of them. Indeed, the two royal wolves had done quite well for themselves with this litter and he felt a dark pride swell in his chest as he thought of the mischief that would be caused in the months to come as these young ones grew.

"Are you well?" he asked his queen quietly. Though little emotion was ever expressed from him, he had grown to truly care about the she-wolf and hoped that everything had gone smoothly for her during her first birthing. He could not imagine the pain and the exhaustion it had caused her and he was willing to do everything in his power to help her.
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Bittersweet Pain(Epona)
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