New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Can we Stay?

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PostSubject: Can we Stay?   Can we Stay? EmptyWed Feb 09 2011, 15:23

Two clearly pregnant she wolves wandered into Silver Forest. They had come here for a reason. When they had come to Freedoms Palace, this was the first land whose name had caught their attention, and now, being here in its vast beauty, they were even more enraptured by it.

Now though they stayed where they were, knowing that they would have to speak with the king of the lands that was here, seeing as he was the ownder of this vast foresty area. It really was a silver forest, there were so many silver barked trees here in the peaks. A think which really did amaze them at the moment.

Standing there, they listened to the animals of the bush moving about and knew that this was a safe place to be. Was it not that the leader of the council of unicorns lived here? That was something that definately lured them in here. It was a beautiful place, and they could understand why he would choose such a place for his land.
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PostSubject: Re: Can we Stay?   Can we Stay? EmptySat Jun 30 2012, 17:34

Rustling of leaves perked the harks of the slate gray king, as he slumbered in his den. Instantly, he jerked to his feet, shaking off some of the dust from laying upon the hardened earth. Yawning, his massive pillars began to move in a four-beat pattern, thundering through the forest as quickly as possible to ward off any potential danger. It was unlike any good-doer to roam an unknown terra in the middle of the night. Silver shone upon him as he moved gracefully to the entrance. Wafting in their scent, he found that they were wolves, simply heading to the north.

Finally, as he reached them, he noticed that they were no threat at all. Actually, they were simple females, probably looking for a place to rest their head; surely, it couldn't hurt the forest to have wolves running around it. They had had pups recently it seemed, and he smiled to him as his form approached their travels.

"Hello there. I am Callisto, leader of the council and of these lands. Can I help you?" he asked politely, wanting to aid any creature that came to him for help.
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Can we Stay?
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