New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Heirs to Nothing Except Memories

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I blinked back tears of pain as I rested on the soft grounds of that valley, held sacred, where only expectant mothers could come.

My sides heaved painfully, sweat coating them as contractions tore away thoughts and images, leaving only the sight of red and black splotches over my vision.

When I could, I stood and began licking the blood and other things off the first of the small foals there. "Hello, little ones," I said soothingly as first little foal looked around with wide, brown eyes. Finished cleaning her, I turned to the other, and repeated the process, before helping them to stand up, prompting them up onto their long, shaky legs, and pushing them towards the waiting food.

"Don't worry, little ones," I murmured to them, sighing happily. Desert Sun would have liked to see the two, I knew, but he was dead and gone, and his two children were the heirs of memories of his beloved home, Carrick Cliff.

I looked at them absently, smiling at their appetites. Both were light tan, almost a creamy color, but not quite. Beneath their small bodies, long black legs stuck out awkwardly, wobbly and unsure. Their manes and tails, of course, were stiff like mine, but whether they'd stay that way or not, I didn't know. Surely, they both had the beautiful black stripe running along their backs, but that didn't mean anything much. Dark brown eyes glanced my way every so often as one or the other paused in nursing, and black harks flicked around every which way, listening to all the new sounds.

"I think I'll call you... Sea Sun," I said, speaking to my young colt, and nuzzling him gently. "And as for you, my precious little dear," I added, looking over Sea Sun's small back to my lovely little daughter. "You're Winter Sun."

We'd leave soon, I knew, but for now, it was time for all three of us to rest. As soon as they were finished eating they laid down, and I closed my eyes, standing protectively over the two young foals.
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Heirs to Nothing Except Memories
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