New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Username: Otho

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Name: Tirona

Age: 4 months

Species: Wolf

Breed: Arctic wolf (Part Red Wolf) x Poison Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: Tirona is a small, brown wolf, with brilliantly green marks, as bright as her father, Soul Render's own. Milky white eyes gaze out from her face, blind to all around them.

Height: 2.8 hh (shoulder height)

History: Tirona, the oldest of Jalie's pups, found herself, a wolf with the power over earth and various living things, in the midst of other young wolves who poisoned the earth. Feeling such pain, she left in the night, fleeing towards Modet's home. There, nearly dead, she found him, sensing his presence, despite her lack of sight.

Since then, she's been rather happily spending her time in Modet's pack, and is the special favorite of Keiria, her deaf aunt. The two get along well, bonded by their abilities and disabilities.

Personality: Scared and fragile is this one at first, but when she's angry, she doesn't know her own strength. She's actually quite capable, but she is usually withdrawn, and hates fights. When she's near bloodied ground she can tell, and she refuses to go anywhere near the desert lands, due to the taint of Inferno Plains, and the hellions near there.

Parents: Jalie and Soul Render.

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