New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Jalie

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Red wolf x Arctic wolf x Arctic wolf (three quarters Arctic, one fourth Red wolf.)

Gender: Female

Description: Jalie is snowy white, with bright yellow eyes. She looks a bit delicate, but she's strong, used to attack prey from the side.

Height: 4,5 hh (shoulder height)

History: During most of her young life, Jalie wandered through the lands with her mother, father, and six brothers and sisters. However, later, her family lived in The Rim of Heaven. There, tragedy struck, when Fosca, the youngest of the seven fell to her death.

Jalie was devastated, but eventually she hardened herself, and looked for a mate, finding him in Soul Render, one of the wolves considered by her family to be evil. Abandoning her youth, she joined him willing to love him, hurt her family, so long as she didn't feel that pain again herself.

Being mother of thirteen pups, all of them Soul Render's, hasn't affected her much, and she resents her oldest, Tirona, for running away to Modet. The others though, are her priority, though she's determined to deal with her oldest later.

Personality: She's hard, or so it would seem. In reality, she's still fighting the terrible reality of her sister's death, the separation of her family, as her brothers and other sisters look for their own packs and choose the lands they want to live in. Lacking her old innocent nature, she believes herself to be entirely evil, and chooses to enjoy the freedom she has, acting the part.

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