New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM,


Name: Dominique-Aimé

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion

Gender: Mare

Description: Dominique-Aime is a pure black hellion fae, with pitch black eyes, tiny flecks of red in her eyes. She's large, with numerous small scars, thanks to various wanderers trying to take her as their own, and longer, deeper, coal red cuts and scrapes thanks to Demetrius' cruel treatment.

Height: 18.7 hh

History: Dominique-Aime was born before Corus died, but she was only a couple months old when the army of Inferno Plains was destroyed. Her mother taught her useful abilities, and she was unaffected by her father's death. Thankfully, Armada came back, a changed fae. Since then, Dominique-Aime served the queen and her mother as a spy for the council formed of the older herd members.

However, on a recon mission in the gully, she was caught and captured by Demetrius, who lived there at the time. He forced her immediately, and for a time, he managed to keep her in his grasp, before she and her son, Honoré-Aurore, escaped, and went to the claiming river.

Personality: She's quick tempered, fiery, and dignified, despite her few years. She doesn't stand for stags to force her without responding. It may take a while, but she remembers, and holds grudges. Cunning too, she'll stick around a while, till she's gotten all the information she can. If she's still stuck where she is, she finds a way to escape, period. No matter what, she's ready with a quick tongue, quicker wit, and a mind full of thoughts and ideas.

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