New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear

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Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear Empty
PostSubject: Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear   Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear EmptyMon Feb 07 2011, 19:53

Username: otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin (Ice From The Fire) Tine Ó an Oighear (Fire From The Ice)

Age: 3

Species: Wolves

Breed: Grey wolves

Gender: Female

Description: Identical twins they are, with tan ears, tan rings around their eyes, and the tops of their muzzles being tan as well. Dark blue-grey markings push back from their foreheads to their throats, and there the grey encircles them, coating their necks like ash. White touches their cheeks and bellies, while it also resides just behind their light tan ears. Their eyes are yellowy-brown.

Tan touches their sides, with thin streaks of grey-blue coloring running above and below these patches of tan. Darker grey touches their backs, while white covers their bellies. Their tails are grey-blue, and tipped with white.

Height: How tall is your character?

History: Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin and Tine Ó an Oighear were born to a small wolf pack in bad times. It had been thought, at first, that there was only one. However, they were both born and were found to be inseparable. Due to hard times though, they left when they were able to hunt, at eight months of age.

They wander together, never caring to look at the brutes. They aren't too concerned with them; only with the hunt. Still, as snow gives way to rain, and ice gives way to green, they find it harder to ignore the trails males leave, and they consider the idea of splitting from each other, each to find her own pack.

Neither likes the suggestion, and they move on, searching for a place which will accept both. Not only as twins of uncanny similarity, but as individuals, of Ice and of Fire.

Personality: Tine Ó an Oighear is quick to the kick, always ready to hunt. She's impatient and hates waiting. She's the firebrand, ready for a good fight, a bit of blood. Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin balances her, being the cool, collected mind of the experienced hunter. Neither can live while the other dies. They are two halves of one whole, and they work as one.

The firebrand, and the icy chill.

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Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear   Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear EmptyTue Feb 08 2011, 05:35

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Oighear Ó an Dóiteáin, Tine Ó an Oighear
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