New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Pandora   Pandora EmptyMon Feb 07 2011, 19:49

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Pandora

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Mare

Description: A fae of darkness and light, Pandora is light tan, black, white, and grey paint. Her eyes are bright blue, her mane, black, her tail, brown. Three white socks adorn her legs, and a black stocking covers the other. A grey mask covers most of her face, and her hooves are colored like sand.

Height: 15.3 hh

History: Her history is strange, for she traveled from one herd to another, never truly belonging to any. Her mother was force bred by the stallions of each land.

The first was Red Death.

The second, one named Sheve.

The third, Amarit.

And the fourth, Lale.

No one is truly sure who her father is then, for all had at least a bit of hellion blood, yet Pandora shows no signs of it, instead appearing as a normal fae.

She and her mother, Aphrodite, traveled to each of her suspected fathers' herds, staying in each one for a year. After Pandora turned four, she left, heading out in the direction Therthis, Xanerath, Fire Fly, and others had disappeared to.

Beyond the mountains.

Beyond the seas.

To find what there could truly be.

Personality: A curious fae, she is sometimes gullible, but has a sharp wit and tongue as well. Her tendency to fall for traps is caused mostly by her young age, but partially because she's too curious to know what's good for her.

Never has she wanted a foal, having found out how she was born. She doesn't like the idea of having one, and prefers the notion of simply wandering through a stag's land.

Still, she isn't completely against it. More apathy than anything else.


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PostSubject: Re: Pandora   Pandora EmptyTue Feb 08 2011, 05:35

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