New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Medarmeth, Etheran, Zedaprop

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PostSubject: Medarmeth, Etheran, Zedaprop   Medarmeth, Etheran, Zedaprop EmptyMon Feb 07 2011, 19:42

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Medarmeth, Etheran, and Zedaprop

Age: 11, 8, and 6

Species: Horses

Breed: Fallen Hellions

Gender: Stallions

Description: Medarmeth is dark red, with lighter red mane and tail. His eyes are black, his hooves a brownish color. Scars, jagged white, run along his sides in a strange pattern, like runes.

Etheran is black, his mane and tail gold, as well as his eyes. Large, blotchy scars remain on his shoulders, as well as one upon his chest, a near perfect circle with a straight line running vertically through it.

Zedaprop is the smallest of the three. His body is dark red, deepening to brown at the legs. His mane and tail are gold however, and his eyes are red, though clouded. On his back there is a burn mark shaped into a simple rune.

Height: Medarmeth: 17 hh Etheran: 19.5 hh Zedaprop: 20.3 hh

History: The three were once hellion horses under Exile. They were to help him attack Therthis. However, along the way they ran into a unicorn and her foal, and decided to forcebreed her and kill the foal, a colt. Needless to say, she didn't take kindly to that.

The unicorn came out with the upper hoof, although she was a mare. As punishment, she stripped them of their ability to produce fire, leaving them outcasts among all horses, including their own kind. Etheran lost his wings as well, leaving him with two scars on his shoulders.

Exile still had uses for them though, and used them as spies, making sure they were always travelling, gathering information for him. This spared them from Therthis' poisons and the killing that ensued. Thus they followed Exile to his new land, ready to serve him again...

When Exile was killed, they separated, resisting the call of their dead master, fearing what would happen to them if they saw each other again. With them, though it is known by no one else, Exile could return, with more power than ever before...

Personality: All have the hellion traits, though their bloodlust was dulled as well as their fire when the unicorn marked their pelts with runes. They are cunning and quick, but deathly scared of unicorns. However, personal experiences since Exile's defeat have changed them each, and they bear normal traits as well, including more interest in the less painful arts involving love.

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Medarmeth, Etheran, Zedaprop Empty
PostSubject: Re: Medarmeth, Etheran, Zedaprop   Medarmeth, Etheran, Zedaprop EmptyTue Feb 08 2011, 05:34

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Medarmeth, Etheran, Zedaprop
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