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 Snow Dawn

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Username: Otho.

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Snow Dawn

Age: 5

Species: Wolf

Breed: Arctic Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: A white wolf with yellow highlights and a red tint to her thick fur. Her eyes are a dark brown with sunlight golden streaks.

Height: 4

History: When she was but a pup her pack was killed by humans, and she, only seven months, ran from the humans to find a new pack. But for some reason, she never did, instead traveling the land as a lone wolf, beyond all others. She watched packs from afar, and learned how to interpret their actions when they did not see the real reasons for them.

Eventually she felt the need to find her own mate, and promptly set out for the breeding grounds, shared by horses and wolves. She met Modet, and, finding that she felt for him something much more than anything she had felt before, they became mates. The two had a litter of seven pups, though of them, one died, and another was deaf.

The two traveled for about a year, before settling down for a time in the coastal lands, with another wolf whose mate had been Modet's brother.

Personality: Distant and quiet, a hunter to the core. She hunts on her own, and scavenges what she can from others' kills. She has never been bothered by others, though she worries almost constantly over her first litter, and sometimes mourns the death of her youngest. She feels confident around most, but when she's around her children, she often feels like a pup herself, lacking some of the confidence she feels she should possess.

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Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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Snow Dawn
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