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 Eastern Wolf

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PostSubject: Eastern Wolf   Eastern Wolf EmptyWed Jan 05 2011, 00:38

Name: Eastern

Species: Wolf Only

Colours: A grey-brown pelt, the back and the sides are covered with long, black hairs. Behind the ears, there is a slight reddish color. Eye color can vary, but are usually brown or yellow.

Height: 20-30 inches (at the shoulder)

Basic History: These fellows are closely related to grey wolves, it's true, but in fact, many are more closely related to coyotes, because unlike grey wolves, who would kill or drive off coyotes, eastern wolves often accept coyotes as mates, and allow them to join their packs. Due to humans hunting them, snaring them, and otherwise killing them, the eastern wolves began dying off. To help fight against this, they began taking on coyote pack members and mates more often, making an eastern wolf, coyote hybrid a common sight.

Habitat:In forests and well forested mountains. Moderately cold regions, but not suited for deserts, coastal lands, or areas that are snowy all year round.

Quick Facts: They eat mostly beaver, and live in more North-Eastern areas. However, they also tend to go to warmer areas at times to look for potential additions to their packs. They hunt for white-tail deer, rabbits, and mice. They were once even seen hunting a black bear, which was successful.

Link to more info: N/A (information gathered after long hours on google)

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Eastern Wolf
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