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 Jeu De'sprea

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PostSubject: Jeu De'sprea   Jeu De'sprea EmptySat Feb 05 2011, 10:57

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Jeu De'sprea (Lit. Play of the mind, witty)

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion

Gender: Mare

Description: A black horse with a reddish hue, hot coals for hooves and eyes. She has long, jagged scars along her entire body, thanks to her sire's abuse.

Height: 17 hh

History: Jeu De'sprea was born into a purely hellion herd. Her mother was treated as a slave, having been stolen long ago. Likewise, Jeu De'sprea was considered a slave as well. She was used as prey, for the training of the colts and royalty.

She escaped eventually, and joined Corus' herd, knowing that he would treat her better, and she would have the opportunity of spying on him. Shortly before his death, he forced her, and gave her a daughter, Dominique-Aime. After Corus' death, both she and her daughter remained in Inferno Plains, working as spies and advisors for Armada.

Personality: She has a quick tongue, and a quicker mind. She's somewhat curious, and incredibly able at both stealth and tracking, thanks to the many times she was hunted down by her half siblings. She's an excellent liar and perfectly capable of worming her way out of things. Likewise, should anything - or anyone - refuse to get out of her way, she'll respond with violence if needed, and is useful in a fight.

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Jeu De'sprea Darkhorse
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Jeu De'sprea
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