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 Zipseris, or Zips

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PostSubject: Zipseris, or Zips   Zipseris, or Zips EmptySat Feb 05 2011, 10:28

Username: otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Zipseris, Zips

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Clydesdale/Mustang

Gender: Mare

Description: A white body with a black stripe running the length of her back. A black mane and tail and pure green eyes.

Height: 17.2

History: Zipseris was born within the forest land, at the time, it was ruled by Snowfall, her father. Yadasirah, her mother, was the queen, ruling beside her father in the peaceful land. However, one day, her half brother, one whom she'd never known of, came to settle a score with her father. The two met, and she fell in love. When Sympathy - for that was his name - left, she followed him back to his home. He accepted her as his queen. However, her happiness was not to be...

Thaneliel, a young stallion, new to the lands, stole her away, forcing her to come with him. She escaped eventually, but when she returned to her home, she found that Sympathy had chosen another to rule in her stead. Miserable, she left, seeking out another home, another chance. At first, she planned to return to her childhood haunts, but when she discovered that her father had died in battle, and her home was ruled by another, she chose a different course...

Personality: Not the least bit shy, at first Zipseris can seem impertinent, annoying, and foolish. Beneath the veneer she carefully maintains, she's fragile as glass. Having lost her sire when she was barely old enough to live elsewhere, being stolen away and returning to find another in her place all affected her greatly. Behind her foolish and shallow nature, she is incredibly cautious now, never wanting to entirely commit herself. She's scared of everything, knowing that things have a tendency to bite back, in her experiences with them.

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Zipseris, or Zips
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