New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Edon   Edon EmptySat Feb 05 2011, 00:45

Username: Kanchana

Preferred method of contact: PM, Email

Name: Edon

Age: 3

Species: Wolf

Breed: Grey Wolf

Gender: Male

Description: Standing rather tall for a wolf, despite not knowing it himself, he appears as every other grey wolf. But, there are a few difference. The main of which, being his bright blue eyes. The second of which is the odd white marking between his eyes, though the reason of them in unknown.

Height: 5

History: The youngest pup of Mactíre And Modet from a litter of 11, he has always found it rather hard to be anything more then the 'baby' of the group. Being blind in both eyes does not help the fact.
But, refusing to be the last one to stay back with his mother he leaves on the journey to find someone to help him understand.

Personality: He's quiet and rather shy, being the youngest of 11 pups. He is softly spoken and tends to listen more then speak, due to being unable to say. Though when he does speak, they are often wise words leaving his maw.

Image (optional): Edon Wolf_Link_by_the_lazy_artist
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