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PostSubject: Staramboli   Staramboli EmptyFri Feb 04 2011, 19:14

Name: Staramboli

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: American Saddlebred

Gender: Stallion

Description: mainly cestnut in body colour though with odd white markings on his face and a white patch on his belly. Almost vampire like white marking on his neck too. Mane ins lighter than his tail as well.

Height: 16 hands

Staramboli has come from a far away land where brothers generally get along. Usually they'll herd together, their separate herds running as one group, with their queens and everyone together. While Kula was all for the ways of his kind, he knew that eventually, become the more dominant one of the pair.

Therefore he challenged Kula to a fight and was refused by his brother. Though one day Kula left to go and find more mares for his herd. He'd kleft both herds in Staramboli's charge. What a chance this was for him to become the one leader here. Staramboli silently and quickly killed all but Kula's queen, leaving her barely alive. The only mares standing around, alive, were those of his brother. This knowledge, angered him beyond belief. What had happened here was murder, no stallion should have done this to a group of mares.

As he expected, they ended up fighting, though Kula did destroy Staramboli's own herd before attacking him head on. It was a deadly fight, but much to Staramboli's annoyance, he could not beat Kula at all. It was as though they were meant to be evenly matched for their entire lives! To him, it seemed like an insult to have the same strength of will as his brother.

Swept away by the wind, he was carried into Freedoms Palace, where he sought out a home with one of the other stallions. He does not know that the same wind carried Kula to the land of Freedoms Palace as well. What will happen when these two brothers meet again?

he is not as considerate as the others of his breed are about the rules. No, instead, he'd rather be the one making the rules for others to follow. There is a deep hatred in him for Kula, and he'll do anything to kill his brother, and make him feel more pain than he has already. If a deal with the devil was needed, he'd do it.

Cruel and bloodthirsty, this is one stallion you do not want to meet, unless you want pain and anguish for your only reward.

Image (optional):
Staramboli Wild_Horses_3_by_celtic_stock

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