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 Heart of Gold

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Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Heart of Gold

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion

Gender: Stallion

Description: Bright golden flames coat him, with hints of red-gold coloration, and reddish-gold eyes of pure flame.

Height: 17.2

History: Heart of Gold's mother died when she gave birth to him, far away from his sire's herd. However, another fae, a sand horse, found the young golden colt lying next to his dam's corpse. Having just lost her own foal, her mothering instincts overpowered her normal judgement, and she willing took the young one with her when she returned to her herd.

He was raised among the sand horses, and though his bloodlust sometimes caused trouble, the harsh life of his surrogate's herd caused him to exert extreme control over his stronger emotions.

Eventually, he left the herd, following clues left by his friend, Niagra, another of the sand horses. Soon he came to The Gemdas, and became the beta of that land, under Jegathema. After that, he found the claiming grounds, seeking out those adventurous, daring souls who would not fear his flames, those like the sand horses he'd known as a colt.

He found two young Spanish mares, Carpe Diem and Spanish Rose, and after a time, they accompanied him as he returned to the mountains. There, they shared the title of the beta queen, for equals they were in everything. After a time though, they left to explore further the mountains. For a year and more, Heart of Gold remained alone, before he met the hellion fae, Mabaya. He fell in love with her, and she came back with him to the mountain kingdom, as his queen.

The two had a colt, Zandere, by name, and fought against both Corus and, later, Exile. During Exile's reign of The Gemdas, when the small beta herd was in hiding though, Carpe Diem returned, without Spanish Rose, and rejoined the herd.

Personality: Cool-headed and controlled, for the most part, Heart of Gold's name describes him perfectly, for his heart is truly of gold, and, just as his anger is of the darkest flames, his love is passionate and complete. His trust is sometimes hard to gain, but when one has gained it, they will never lack his help.

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Heart of Gold
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