New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Firefly   Firefly EmptyThu Feb 03 2011, 10:44

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Firefly

Age: 4

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion/unicorn

Gender: Mare

Description: A hellion unicorn crossbreed, Firefly is a fae of blue fire, with a deep blue horn, like some strange sapphire spike.

Height: 17.1 hh

History: One of the youngest of Red Death's children, she was born to a slave. She ran away from her sire's herd at two and a half, to better explore her strange abilities. She soon discovered that she was an elemental, but an ordinary one she was not. Both fire and water responded to her thoughts, and she soon became skilled in the art of shaping both elements.

When she turned three, she followed in her older half brothers' footsteps, travelling to strange lands, and eventually finding Xan's new land. Tehre she discovered the existence of a claiming ground which she hastened towards. On the way though she became ill, and, worn out entirely, stopped in the Sea of Sands. There she remained, when offered a safe home by the young king. And there she has remained ever since, only occasionally venturing out to help her family, and fighting.

Personality: Quiet and somewhat antisocial, she prefers to be entirely alone. still, she has a natural curiosity which often gets in the way of her solitude-loving nature, and will often go out in search of a young elemental of fire or water to teach.

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