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 Vlammende Lelie

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PostSubject: Vlammende Lelie   Vlammende Lelie EmptyWed Feb 02 2011, 23:46

Username: alamandy

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Vlammende Lelie or Lily

Age: 2

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion/Winged X Hellion

Gender: female

Description: Vlammende Lelie is Black with sandy colored strips along her back up her neck and around her face. she also had the sandy colored strips on her wings to. her eyes are a very dark blue with sandy colored specks in them.

Height: 17.3

History: I was born a slave as that was what my mother had been at the time but then things changed she left me in a place with plenty of water and little food. after she left me were i was it was hard going but i got though it. My mother had called me Black Lily but i changed it Vlammende Lelie or in english Flaming Lily. then after half a year my mother was back although i stayed away from her at first, i saw she had come back for me i doing so so once more was a slave. When she called me by the name she gave me i did not a t first think she was calling to me but when i saw her looking my way and call the name again i saw it was me she wanted so i want to her. After a time mother was taken by another and was no longer a slave. I played along with her calling my Black Lily for when i was going to leave her i could tell her i had changed my name.
I lived quite nicely for a year and a half then told my mother my name and left.

Personality: she is calm and has a strong will. but can get very mad sometimes. if she wanted to she could get very mean and dark but she tends to stick to the side of good.

Parents: Tiger Lilly and Corus

Image (optional): remember to include original link.
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Vlammende Lelie
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