New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Exclusive   Exclusive EmptyWed Feb 02 2011, 21:31

Name ;; Exclusive
Age ;; 5 years old.
Gender ;; Mare.
Breed ;; Quarter Horse x Friesian
Physical Description ;; Exclusive is a beautiful buckskin mare. She is elegantly built, with wonderful muscle development. Her mane and tail are long, black, and silky. Exclusive's eyes are a dark chocolate brown, almost black. She has long, graceful legs that attach to her well-muscled, yet proportionate barrel. Her neck is usually arched and she carries her self with a regal stance.
History ;; Exclusive doesn't have a very exciting history. She was raised pretty average, her parents were aligned with neither dark nor light. They let her choose and chose to stay neutral. Her mother and she never got along very well. Once Exclusive reached the proper age, she decided to make a life of her own, and she came here looking for it.
Personality ;; Exclusive does not deal with petty things. She takes everything in stride, but she does not like to have trouble with anyone. She personally makes sure the problems are put to rest. Exclusive can be a bit snappy at times, and moody, but that is a general mare thing. The only difference is, she can be very mean when she wants to be. She is of neutral alliance but she hasn't made her mind up yet. Who ever can sway her, offer her and promise her the most, is most likely going to win her over.

Exclusive 58e42cabeee94ef9a75f8c261b2368fd-d38fhwi

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o wow..... love the banner...

accepted, if there was a personality
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