New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Home we come, but for how long?

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Home we come, but for how long? Empty
PostSubject: Home we come, but for how long?   Home we come, but for how long? EmptyWed Feb 02 2011, 18:16

He returned gracefully through the air, showing that same unmortal grace that he'd always held as he swooped down to land in Inferno Plains. Syria had been fast, but he had easily kept up through the air.
"It is good you knew the way," Satan said, though lacking emotion. Now that his daughter had recovered from what had hurt her earlier, he was there now to open a portal for her to return to Onyx.

Spreading his wings and concentrating, he reared then slammed his hooves down on the ground, calling upon his homeland to let her through. She came at a canter, the same ashen black as before, almost back to her old self, though there were long alabaster horns out the back of her head now.

"Thank you, for helping me, father," Permisso said. Though her tone was cold, he knew that she was glad he'd saved her. "Now though I must return to survey the damage done to my leader."

"If you see Frenzy, tell him I wish to have a word," Satan replied.

Permisso nodded and then galloped off.
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Home we come, but for how long?
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