New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]

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The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] Empty
PostSubject: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyMon Jan 31 2011, 06:12

I will post things here as i write them in each burst. Hope oyu all enjoy this tale and please comment where you can
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The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyMon Jan 31 2011, 06:19

Chapter 1 – The Heir of Yarraman

It was well known to the bush creatures that the great cream and silver hellion stallion who roamed amongst them was always going to be their king. There was no stallion fast enough to be able to beat their king, it seemed. No one had tried to fight him for a long time, and for Thowra, the peace in his lands was good. There was no doubt in his mind that someone would rise up to want to take him on, but that was not something he planned on letting happen all that easily.

There was a rumour though that had reached him. A rumour that made him extremely worried. If it was true that Blade was returning to one of the lands nearby, he knew trouble would come for all of them. Not that he needed it at the moment. There were some things that just were not allowed to happen to him. Blade would want to kill him, for always being the favourite son of their father, Yarraman. But what could Thowra do? He couldn't help it if that was the way their father had seen them.

Had he not heard that it was Thowra who was now king of Snowy River Forest, and not The Brolga. For years that had been the way, and though Thowra knew he was getting old now, he would not be beaten. It seemed that the creamy stallion was unbeatable, but that seemed the impossible. No one was invincible, and Thowra knew he had weaknesses, not that he would think of those things often. Oh there had been others who had tried to take his lands from him. All of them had been defeated, but not slain. That was not something he was able to do, kill.

Now though there were things that needed his attention. Like the times when men came into his land, to try and take those he cared about and enslave them to do their bidding. It was something that angered him, and he actually enjoyed leading the men a dance through his trees, knowing that they would not know what he would throw at them each time. For always, he chose to do something else, lead them over terrain that he had not gone through the last time, just to make it more fun for himself.

He snorted as he cantered along, and like his namesake, the wind, he was completely silent. There was no sound ringing through the bush as he moved, knowing that there were some things that took speed and silence to deal with. He would have to see if the rumours were true. If they were, then he was going to have to keep an eye out all the time. If it was something his cruel spirited little brother was known for, it was taking those who were dear to others and claiming them for his own. Only to have them as slaves, to his own demonic spirit. None of Thowra's mares would fall to him, not while the creamy lived on.

OOC: 512 words and its 12.19 AM Feb 1 woot...
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The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyMon Jan 31 2011, 14:14

They were all too important to him and though he knew he could not be everywhere at once, there were many he knew of that would help him. He had many allies, but he knew that he needed them. There were too many would love to fight him, just because he was something different to everyone else in colour. He was the original creamy stallion, and though he now had his son, Kairva as well, things were not always going well for them all. If it was one thing he was well known for it was his fighting spirit. Thowra never seemed to give up when he had to do something.

He knew that naturally those who fought against him sometimes wished he would give up, but there were somethings, like that which he just could not do. A thing that would always keep his homeland safe, no matter what happened. Had he not cheated death once before? He certainly had, and that was something, no one would have seen coming. He had died, but then been brought back by his own land. Celeena had given him back his body, but not long after, a group of wolves had attacked his Queen, Boon Boon, killing her.

Since that terrible day, he had never really recovered. There were some things that he just could not get past, and her death was one of them. Sure he had Juliana as his queen now, but even so, she would never be able to take Boon Boon's place in his heart. Every day he grieved for her, though it did not show in his face, unless someone truly knew him well. There were few who knew him that well though, and he knew that those that did had to have known him as a foal as well.

There were so many who could most certainly not claim to know him that well. Some of them though, knew that he often tried to hide things that he knew they did not want to know. Though those times were a little frustrating for those being the ones being hidden things from, they understood where he stood in the matter. He was their king, and if anyone had the right to keep things hidden, it was certainly him. When though was the last time he had confided in any of the creatures of the bush whom he trusted though?

It was something that confounded some of the horses that knew him, but he knew what was best for himself, at least everyone agreed about that, now that Bel Bel had found somewhere else to run. Though they had lost the one who had been queen for so long, they had Thowra now, and he was as talented in the ways of the bush as Bel Bel was. Some said that if he wanted it, he could be the king of all Freedoms Palace, but that was something he refused to even think about having for a job. For him, one land was enough.

OOC: 1015 at 8.50am Feb 1
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The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyTue Feb 01 2011, 03:48

At times though, having so many things that he had to watch out for was an issue. He hated being the one in the place the others were in at the moment. Kingship was something that could be considered a curse by a few of his friends. After all, Sorrel had moved from Misty Mountains in favour of a coastal land. That was not something many of them were anticipating from him.

Vernien En Seere, or the Coast of Peace, so he had heard was the land name. He hadn’t been there yet, to see what his ally called home. No there were too many things going on for him at the moment, that he could not go visit an old friend. It was a little bit of a sobering thought, if it were possible for a horse to have such things as thoughts.

He chuckled though to himself as he stood upon one of the rocky cliffs that made up his home. Below him he saw the flat on which The Brolga had stood, when the time came for their fight. It was something that he had rather fond memories of at times. There were so many places he could go in these mountains that were touched by him at some point in time. He couldn’t think of a part of his land that he did not actually go.

Where the wind carried him, he would go and that was something that he liked. He had the freedom he needed to go where he pleased, and the wind simply was there as a guide. Why though, did it seem to have fallen silent? Only did this happen when evil reared its head once more in the lands, he ahd noticed.

Who though was the cause` of the evil in Freedoms Palace this time? Could this be the winds way of warning him that Blade really had come? Or should he refer to his brother as Flaming Blade of Hell? Blade seemed too intimate a name for him to call his brother. They were not exactly two who got along, though Thowra had wanted to be there for him.

Now cam,e a time though when he would have to learn to get used to his brother being against him, no matter what he did. There would enver be anything other than contempt for him, from his little brother. A thing that was a little saddening. There was not a chance that Thowra woud have ever doe something that would cause` such feelings from his brother. He cared too much for the younger stallion.

They might not get along, but that was something he was learning to live with at the moment.

He smiled to himself though, as he reared up, sending his great clarion stallion cry out over his lands.

“It is I, Thowra!”

There was no answering challenge. That was something that pleased him at the moment. In no way did he want a challenge from anyone, if Flaming Blade of Hell truly was home at the moment. He did not have the time nor the strength for a fight with someone else, while such a danger was there in his home. He would fight to defend the forest land, but only while he still had the strength to be able to do so. When that came to an end though, he did not know what he would do. Never did he want someone else to choose his final resting place.

Thatw as not something he wanted, because he wanted to die in the mountains, not one the fields of warfare. That was not a place he was interested in all that much. Most of his battles were fought here, in his own lands.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyTue Feb 01 2011, 19:55

It was not long before he was kicking up his heels again and cantering down into the mountains, racing with the wind towards the place where his herd was grazing. He always seemed to feel free when he was moving like this. There seemed nothing that would make him stop unless someone needed help. The Snowy River Forest truly was his now, and he loved every inch of the wide forest. For many it was a place that brought freedom to them, but to some it was a place that they wanted to destroy. For there were many enemies Thowra had beaten who saw his homeland in such a view.

Now though he swung in the direction he knew Misty Mountains to be within. He had to find out if the rumour about Blade was true. Had his youngest and hateful brother truly came here, where he lived and ruled? That was something that he had to deal with before the younger stallion figured out that normally he wouldn't step in on something like this. Dragon Wing had to be warned. Though even as he approached Misty Mountains, he could hear the squeals of stallions fighting. One of the roaring stallion's he knew the sound of. Dragon Wing was fighting with someone.

Faster than before, he threw himself in that direction, knowing that there was trouble on the horizon for his friend, if the other was who he thought it was. His brother hated him, and taking Misty Mountains would give him easy passage into Snowy River Forest, and Thowra knew that. The two lands were linked, but only a few knew of the passage between them. Unfortunately, Blade knew of that passageway, which was as serious issue. Now all the animals of Snowy River Forest would have to be on the watch for intruders.

Soon he was coming to where he knew that the fight was happening from. He arrived just in time to see a great chestnut hellion rear up and bring his hooves down on the dragon winged pegusas, known as Dragon Wing. There was a sickening sound and Dragon Wing bellowed in rage and pain. As his freind wheeled aroudn again to face the chestnut, Thowra saw that his red wings hung towards the ground, clearly, the chestnut had broken them both.

It was a saddening sight for Thowra. Dragon Wing was so dependant on those wings when it came to getting places. Now the fight seemed to be getting deadly.

"Try and fly now!" He was stuck on the ground from now on.

"you will pay for that" i hissed Dragon Wing still did not make his move and did not attack yet now was not the time. the wind blow again and coved his face in his own mane..... the second he seemed to be waiting for.

"Not an attacker, Dragon Wing? Or should I just kill you? Surely Moonslight would be filling no pity for one who wont. fight. back!" the chestnut snarled, eyeing the white mare and her colt who stood watching.

It told Thowra who this horse was now. His brother was most certainly here, in Misty Mountains. He slipped away silently, knowing there was nothing at the moment that he could possibly do.
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The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyTue Feb 01 2011, 21:03

Chapter 2 – The Dragon's Herd
Massive blood chestnut shoulders carried the pure hellion stalllion down the winding path into the valley land of Misty Mountains. Animals fled from him, though there was no point. One rabbit dared to come out of its barrow, dying as his hooves came down upon its unsuspecting head, crushed under the weight.

The hellion laughed as he moved. This would be a fine place for him to live.

"King of this land, I come to speak with you!" he shouted, and the voice that came from his mouth was that of a command. A commanding tone unheard in a long time for this area. The herd of his birth once ran here. Their bones lay bleached white by the sun in one of the smaller valleys of the terra.

Only if the horse let him live here would he ever show any respect. He knew of the winged horse who now ran here. He cared not about the flying ability or any of the rest of the tales about him. 

The heavy hooves thudded back onto the ground, making it tremble as his weight came down. The dead rabbit left far behind him.

There in a small glade, he knew the exact shape and size of, he waited.

Down came another stallion, he seemed to be black with dragon like red wings. An odd looking horse, that much was clear at the moment. “You wanted to talk with me, sir?”

The blood stallion laughed as he heard the words that the other spoke. " I am Blade." 
His black eyes watched alertly as the other horse in front of him thought about jumping into the air. "I would not try flying away. I know this land, and you would be hard pressed getting away from me for long. This was my childhood home."

There was nothing but the truth in his words there. " Now I have returned, to become a part of it once more. Who might you be to have taken control of this land?"

He was not pleased to find others in his land. He'd already seen the mares and knew that he would happily cause trouble for this horse.

The black horse's gaze hardened at Blades words. Blade and i can stay in the air for a time, so thats how you know this land then.” it seemed that he was aware that Blade spoke the truth at the moment. "My name is Dragon Wing and if a sub herd is what you want then i would give it to you as long as you do not bug me or my mares."

"A wise move, Dragon Wing. You can stay in the air as long as you wanted if there were to be a fight, I would not tire waiting for you, beleive me." He had no idea of the ugly side that Blade was not showing at all at the moment.

For Flaming Blade of Hell was a killer, and eventually his mares would be Blade's, no matter what he tried. He would not be able to kick this hellion out, and Blade knew that. No, this land was his home and he would have to fight Blade if Dragon Wing dared try. Killing Blade would be impossible for him.

"I'll return soon, with mares of my own." 

With that the chestnut turned and left, not even answering about the other's mares. He cared not for his petty rules. Darkness had touched the land now.
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The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyTue Feb 01 2011, 21:17

The crimson-stained stallion snorted, flames licking around the sides of his body, running up his legs. The flames blazed with a vengeance, encouraged and tendered by the hate he sowed within him, burning all in his path. Ruby-coloured orbs flashed menacingly as he rolled his shoulders, each hoof laid upon the ground left a sooty mark. Not a soul who stood in his path was given mercy, not even a flock of baby birds who had happened to live in a nest on the ground.
Donovan was his name, this merciless stallion. He tossed his mane, eyes burning as he looked around this peaceful land, making an effort to dim his flames before the whole land went up in flames. He spat in disgust, shaking his mane. Back home, they never had to worry about this small thing. Still, he suspected that the king of this land would not appreciate it if he did burn down this place.
Bounding on top of a large hill, he called out, voice deep and strong, cold and dark, soft yet loud. He called for the king of the land to come, for he had a proposal for him.

The call was heard from another stallion, standing it semed on one of the higher peaks. Glaring at his mares, except for Flame Dancer to stay where they were, he started off in that answer.
"Beware whoever you are, for this may seem peaceful looking as a land, but it is not!" he shouted as he started to move away from the others. He kenw that this horse better have a good reason for trespassing, he was not in the best of moods at the moment.
Up towards the border he galloped, hooves echoing like thunder as he slid to a halt infront of the blood chestnut horse in front of him.
"Your reason for coming is?" he asked, utterly bored. But the voice was polite still. "You call, and I Flaming Blade of Hell have come."

Donovan fought the urge to roll his eyes at the stallion’s answer. Obviously. He would hardly be here if this land was held by some weak fool who could not even hold his own in battle. Much like his useless twin, Phoenix. Donovan was certain his dear brother was somewhere in these lands, hiding. Well, no matter. He had waited for a long time, and he could afford to wait for a little more before he killed him.
Thunder seemed to rumble as a hellion horse raced towards him, stopping directly in front of him. Donovan’s tresses of flame flared up, as he bowed his head in politeness to this horse. “Cousin,” he acknowledged. “I am termed Donovan, prince of the Fire Horses. I have come to seek a treaty with you.” A pause, as the crimson’s eyes flared, as though fire was trapped within them. Power rippled through his body, as he pawed the ground.
“I have heard tell-say that you are going to start a war. I have come to offer my assistance, in return for a sub-herd here in your lands.” Donovan’s nostrils flared, as he gazed into the other hellion horse’s eyes. “What say you?”

He looked at the horse in front of him thinking as he heard the words spoken by the hellion like stallion. Yet he was different, for his hooves were flames, unlike Blade's own almost white lower legs. This would be an interesting thing to think about. He moved around for a few seconds as he thought. Clearly this Donovan had power. Strong too, which would be an asset.
“You hear correctly. Some call me the son of the devil, Donovan. My ansewer is simple. If you agree not to touch my queen or foals, then you would be welcome here. Welcome to Misty Mountains, Donovan."

Donovan stood calmly, almost trembling with the heat and explosive energy the flames within gave him. Harks flickered as he saw the other looking him over, sizing him up, thinking about his offer. Small flames flared in his nostrils, as his burning crimson eyes followed the stallion steadily. He knew his proposal would be accepted; it was too good a gain for him to pass up.
Once again, his theory was proven right. Once the answer was given, Donovan bowed his head, flames flaring brighter, as an intense heat radiated from him, almost similar to the heat of a volcano. His power was much greater than anyone else of his breed, even the pathetic Phoenix. Only those of fire-horse blood were capable of doing this trick, and again, only those powerful enough were given the chance to learn. He snorted at Blade’s words, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth, bloodlust shining in his ruby eyes.
“I will not touch them; you have my word.” Donovan stated, words emerging hot and thick like molten lava. “I shall find… other… unworthier beings to vent my emotions on.”
A pause. “And…” He said slowly, murder and intent in his eyes as his gaze bored into Blade’s. “Have you heard of a horse cursed Phoenix?”
He awaited the expected reply eagerly, eyes almost dancing at the thought of hunting his weak brother down.

"There are slaves here already who may be hurt if there is something you're not happy about. As long as they are not killed, I am fine with you badly treating them. Only thing is, the mares are both in foal to me at the moment. I have one rule for the slaves that any stallion brings here. That they are the property of all the pure hellions in the land and may be teated meanly by anyone."
He looked at the other stallion. "Can you agree to that? Only their foals are untouchable except by their Sire's."
he paused, thinking about the name given to him by Donovan."As for a horse called, Pheonix, I beleive a brother of mine, Thowra of Snowy River Forest would know where he is. Only thing is, the creature has one of my sisters running with him, she's half hellion, so i would prefer she were not to be touched. She's only half a sibling though, same mother, different father. Thowra though, I have business to deal with him because of."

The son of flames nodded, eyes shining cruelly in the harsh light. A sudden wind stirred, hitting both horses in full, sending Donovan's tresses flying wildly all over the places. Sparks flew, landing on the ground, on bushes, on grass, extinguishing themselves with a muted hissing sound, leaving a slight charred spot on whatever they touched.
"Indeed, I thank you for your generosity," Donovan murmured, voice deceptively sweet as he imagined the torture he would inflict on the weaker horses of this whole realm. "I will leave your mares well enough alone for now... Till they have foaled at least. I am sure I can manage to snare a few for myself... And for the general hellion's population use, of course."
He pricked his ears eagerly, eyes blazing with excitement as she leaned forward, drinking in every word, lips curled to reveal sharp fangs, much like the many wolves that ran in this land. "Then I shall find this... Thowra and ask him. Or should I wait until you wish to visit? I do not wish to stir up trouble yet.. Let them defeat this Corus they are so afraid off before I come for my revenge..." He hissed softly, menacingly. "Your sister shall not be touched, but I warn you, if she does interfere whilst we are fighting, I might not be able to control my actions. I, however, shall do my best to leave her be..." Donovan tilted his head, a cruel smile curving upon his maw.
"Phoenix is my twin, a weakling, a traitor to my Clan and race. He deserves to be killed, and I have deemed that since I am his sole brother, I shoulder have that honor..."

"Perhaps when you go seeking your brother, after speaking with my own brother, I should probably come as well. That way, Sundawn will not get in the way." No one knew how I knew about her. Bel bel had never come to tell me of the young twins that she had bourne for Sundara. Then a movement to my left caught my eye. Cream hide.
I snorted. "Come out who ever you are."
A tiny fallabella hellion moved out. "I heard you talking about your sister, my son."
"That I was Bel Bel. What brought you here?" He would know not to touch her. She at least was free to come and go as she pleased. She was my mother after all. Though the size difference made that oh so hard to beleive.
"Pheonix knows that his brother is here. He'll be on the lookout for either of you in the forest. As is your fully brother, and your father!" he words were sharp and her tiny flaming mane and tail brightened.
"We'll keep that in mind, Bel bel. Thank you."
"I'll go now."
I bowed my head and the little hellion ran off.

"A good idea..." Donovan said approvingly, flicking his fiery tail. "It would indeed be a waste if more hellion blood was spilled." His nostrils twitched, as the crimson-painted stag spun round, lips curling back warningly at the scent of another horse. He stayed still, however, standing rigidly until he saw that she was welcome in these lands. A glance at her mane and tail proved his suspicions correct. Hellion.
Donovan listened silently to the conversation, harks flicking restlessly as he fought the urge to pace. A word caught his attention. Son? He thought incredulously, orbs flicking between the two.He would never have guessed. How was it that Blade was so big when his dam was so small? Still, he said nothing, knowing better than to comment.
The topic changed to his brother, and Donovan snarled under his breath. It looked like even after staying for so long out of his homelands, Phoenix still had not lost his tracking skills. A useful thing it was, knowing if anyone of Fire Horse blood was near. As the mare trotted off, Donovan looked at Blade. "Complications," He growled irritably. "It seems as though my brother has made friends with a powerful ally."
His burning orbs turned to look at Blade. "Will the plans stay the same? If you wish to speak to your brother, I do not think I should follow. Phoenix has undoubtedly warned him about me."

"Well, we could go now, if you wanted. I am sure that he will talk now that it seems peace has come to the lands again." He smirked. "Plus, at the moment, he and I hold an alliance. One day though, I will break it. He may be pure hellion like me, but he is too soft on the other horses to be truly one of my kind."
I chuckled.

Donovan grinned, sharp fangs showing, glowing red as though stained with blood from the colours of his flickering flames. “You should, and I would be glad to help.” The stallion chuckled, throaty laughter echoing in the valleys and mountains. “Such soft horses are a disgrace to our lineage. The bush should be pruned regularly to ensure our blood is pure and untainted.”
The hellion horse stomped a hoof eagerly, eyes growing redder, if possible, with the prospect of revenge. “Then let us leave,” He said, making his way to Thowra’s lands, the two horses trotting side by side.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]   The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters] EmptyWed Feb 02 2011, 16:44

Chapter 3 - A talk in the forest

Though he did not care too much about the land he now walked in, he stopped to tell Donovan one thing. "Try not to scorch anything. My brother won't tell us anything if you do. We can't fight with him this time, I know he's mourning the death fo his Queen. I'd be the same if it was Flame Dancer." He knew that Flame was the only mare Blade was fond of, not to mention the only mare he had now. Seeing as the others had slipped away from him, which was most annoying.

He would get them back eventually, he just had to bide his time.

"Thowra?" Blade called.

Donovan walked by his king’s side, red pelt standing out prominently against the lush greenery of the forest. He curled his lip in discomfort. The forest, where this so-called hellion stallion lived, was neither for him nor any of his breed. Phoenix did not count, for he was already branded a traitor and disowned by the Clan. He belonged in the deserts or mountains, where the air was pure and not cluttered with the scents of so much life.

At Blade’s words, he nodded sharply. “Of course. We wouldn’t want to alienate him yet.” Donovan sucked in a deep breath, calming his emotions, till the red of his flames were but small embers, harmless to the touch. He paused, waiting for the king of this land to appear.

The creamy head lifted at the sound of the hooves beating on his land. Animals fled at the sound of the challenging cry that hleft the silver horses mouth. It was a warning, one that should be heeded by the intruders. He paused, listening. the horses that had come here clearly had not heeded him. Breacking into a canter, he headed in that direction, aware of Bel Bel and Yarraman following him.

He knew that they had recognised the sound of their younger son's voice.

"What is it?" Thowra asked, voice dull as he reached Blade. "You are not welcome here, Blade. Who is your freind?"

Donovan tossed his mane, the southern breeze carrying the scents of many horses approaching. The crimson horse’s nares flared, standing stock still as he allowed the horses to approach them, taking his cues from Blade. He had much to learn about the protocols about this land, but learn it and learn it well he would, for it was essential to their plans.

In the distance, a group of three horses – the mare I realized earlier and two stallions – approached. He raised his eyebrow, metaphorically of course, as Thowra spoke. And I thought they were allies, Donovan thought, amused. He tossed his head, flames licking up the length of his pillars, curling around them like fiery snakes.

“I am Donovan,” The stallion said simply, giving no more, no less.

"Come now, brother, is that any way to treat a family member?" Blade asked, chuckling.

"We have an alliance, but it does not mean that i have to welcome you with open arms, Blade," Thowra replied. "It was your kind that killed my queen."

"My kind? More your kind as well, Thowra. Or have you forgotten we're full brothers, which means you're pure hellion as well?"

"Why are you and Donovan here?"

"We seek information, Thowra."

Blade turned his head to look at the much older chestnut hellion behind Thowra. "Yarraman my father."

"Blade." The darker chestnut glared at the younger version of himself.

The crimson stallion stayed silent, listening with interest to this exchange. He flicked her auds, tresses blazing merrily on his neck as he waited impatiently for this idle chat to be over.

"Thowra." Donovan gave him a couteous nod. "I know that you are allies with a young stag named Phoenix. Do you know where he lives?"

"I do know where he is, Donovan, but for what reason do you seek him? He has told me of you before now, so I am hoping you will tell me. He told me to watch out for you, so tell me why!"

There was a command in his voice and he knew that Bel Bel had turned away, to go home to her homeland. Or so he thought.

"I will come and visit you again soon, Bel Bel," Thowra added. "You and Sundara both."

Donovan narrowed his eyes, biting back the urge to fling himself at this hellion, sinking his fangs into his neck. He swallowed his bloodlust, flicking his tail in annoyance.

"Why should I not seek him?" Donovan asked, feigning surprise and speeking smoothly. "He is, after all, my flesh and blood brother. We have not spoken for many years, and I wish to speak to him once more." He paused, tilting his head. "I have no idea." A hurt expression crossed his face. "Perhaps he is still holding the grudge against me. He was furious after our parents named me heir to the throne, and not him."

“Ah, that is the reason is it? You should know though, that anything of harmful intent will only mean that I will have to break the alliance between myself and Blade. Therefore you should keep that in mind.” He knew that the words could mean anything, but it was more a warning to Donovan, than to Blade.

Blade knew this and snorted. “Since when would a stallion in my lands dare do something to break our alliance, brother?”

“I don't know, but there is something about this that is not the easiest thing to deal with. At the moment, I hold alliances with Thunder Meadow, so to hurt any member of those herd's will anger me and break the alliance with the land I hold here that you have. Be warned.”

The creamy was still mourning, and would not tolerate anything at the moment.

Donovan stood calmly in the midst of his adversity's anger and grief. Ah, this was a more comfortable foothold to have and a chance to once again practice his diplomatic skills as he needed to when meeting those from other Clans. "Thowra, you should know better than to judge one with so little evidence. What makes you think I would wish to harm my own flesh and blood?" The crimson horse asked, orbs smoldering in the dim lighting.

In his grief, Thowra let the name of his brother's land slip. Thunder Meadows it was.

Donovan glanced at Blade, flicking his auds. They could go now; He, at least, had what he had come for.

"Before we go, there are a few things I want to talk with you about, Thowra. Concerning only you and me."

Yarraman and Bel Bel both backed off quickly. The blood chestnut hellion waited till they were out of sight and hearing before continuing.

"I know that things between us are rather unbearable. Therefore I have a idea.. if you will, to deal with that once and for all. No one of us can attack the either, unless both have five heirs... of course our sub herding stallions offspring count not towards that total."

"and?" Thowra asked, flicking one ear.

"Once we both have those heirs, we will fight.. just the two of us. And well, I'll tell you the rest when that day comes."

Thowra snorted. "You're at a disadvantage... I already have one heir and he is fully grown."

"We shall see. I should have two by now... had you not stopped me from catching my two runaways."

Blade bowed his head, backing away. "See you later... brother."

Donovan snorted, turning away as he gave a last nod to Thowra. Once the two stallion were out of earshot, he turned to Blade. "That is what Exile and Therthis did, is it not? You're adopting the same method with Thowra?" Donovan asked curiously, harks flicking back and forth. "Why do you need to do so? You can beat Thowra easily in a straight fight."

Blade laughed for a moment when he heard the question. "It is alike to what Therthis and Exile have. I once destroyed everything that Thowra held dear to him, though I doubt he ever told his herd that. It would be prudent for me to say he did the same to me, killing my queen last. Now we wish to rebuild our herds and then deal with each other once again."

He smirked. "While its true I could beat him, I am merely giving him a chance to ensure that younger horses like him will live on in his name instead of being whiped out. Of course, the same could be said that I be the one defeated, but we'll see."

Donovan snorted darkly in amusement, stamping a front hoof. "Interesting how all the stallions' pasts in this land seemed to be linked. Now it's all coming back to haunt them." The crimson stallion bared his teeth, orbs gleaming with barely withheld anticipation.

After a pause, Donovan looked at Blade. "If, everything goes according to plan... Would you say no to one more ally?" He smirked, revenge burning in his blood-red eyes. "There is a... way... among the fire horses to... how do you say... make another do your bidding." He turned to Blade, eagerness alight in his eyes. "If you wish, I might be able to force Phoenix to aid us. It will be useful. Others will not be able to tell the difference. They will never know that he has joined us... unwilling though he might be."

Blade thought about it for the moment. "Allies are not really needed. This is a fued between just the two of us. Though a few spies could be of some use for me. Incase someone tries to hide away from me when the time to fight comes." Blade laughed. "not to mention they could find my missing slaves and that bastard son of Therthis. Not to mention my two heirs." He paused... "Exile is an ally already to me, and I know that Thowra will not have his aide.

“Then I could have him be a spy?” Donovan suggested, orbs thoughtful. “It would not be breaking the alliance he has with Thowra, yet allow him to keep an eye out for us.” Donovan laughed darkly. It would give him no greater pleasure than to have his dear brother serve the cause he was so against.

"A spy would be helpful, I suppose," Blade replied. He smiled at the idea. "Thowra better not figure it out though..." That would be a disaster, indeed. "Just leave my half sister out of it. I know she runs there." Plus she was half hellion too. I did not want Sundara coming at me.

Donovan grinned, lips curling back to reveal sharp white fangs. "He won't," the stag said confidently. "This bond is all but unknown to other horses. Phoenix will not be able to tell Thowra or anyone else. If he breaks it, he will live a cursed existence forevermore, a fate worse than death." Donovan nodded. "OF course. To Thunder Meadows next?" He asked.

"Seeing as my brother has unwittingly given you the information you seek, then we shall go there. Remember not to touch my sister. Else I will get angery with you." Blade laughed though and headed on his way to Thunder Meadows. He knew where that was. There was nothing like striking at those who had talents thay could be used in such fueds.
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Chapter 4 - A warning

The tiny cream Falabella hellion mare moved without a trace through the forest, knowing that only her daughter, Sundawn would know she had come here. She moved as quickly as her little legs could carry her, but even as quickly as she moved she knew that she would be easily overtaken if they gave chase.

A good thing that she moved without trace like her son.

"What are you doing here, mother?" Sundawn asked, looking down at her all of a sudden. "What brings you in a hurry to Thunder Meadows?"

"A warning from your brother, for Pheonix. Can you show me where he is?"

"Of course, Bel bel." The young, but much bigger creamy nipped her mother fondly and then led the way out to where she knew Pheonix would be, standing in a meadow during the last rays of the daytime sun.

"Pheonix, we have a visitor from Thowra," she called, smiling as she saw that big grey stallion.

Phoenix was standing in the meadow he loved, gazing at the beautiful sunset, the last rays of the sun staining the sky red, like blood. He sighed softly, tresses dim and flickering like embers in the dying campfire. Worry plauged his heart, as he stared out at the setting sun, wondering what was in store for him, for everyone.

He jumped a little, spinning round to see Dawn and Bel Bel. He nickered, smiling at Dawn and nodding at Bel Bel.

"Greetings, Bel Bel," He said respectfully. "Why have you come?"

Bel bel bowed her head to the huge king. Well huge to her anyways. She had to be the smallest Hell horse ever to live. Yet she was as kind of nature as her own son, Thowra.

"Thowra has a visitor, his brother, Blade. Blade brought a freind and I am afraid to say that it is your brother, Donovan. They are asking him where you live. I thought I should warn you, seeing as there was no chance they would suspect me of tipping you off."

He stiffened, standing rigidly for a moment, before forcing himself to take deep breaths, calming down. Fear flickered in his eyes, before a mask of indifference passed over them again.

"I thank you for your warning, Bel Bel. I will keep a look out for him... But," He said, a harsh laugh erupting. "I doubt he will kill me yet."

"You know you have my son's help if there be a need if Donovan proves a threat to you. Though I have the feeling that you will see Donovan soon, Thowra never lies about things like where someone is."

She smiled.

"I knew that letting you know was the best of things, and Thowra did mention once that you were already aware fo Donovan being ehre somewhere."

Phoenix nodded, orbs shining with thanks as he expressed them in words, directing them to Bel Bel. "Thank you. Yes, I did. It is both a gift and a curse that all fire horses have... He have the ability to seek out each other, and our connection is only made stronger when the one we seek is our sibling."

The grey stallion flared his nostrils. "Thank Thowra for me, though tell him that this is not his fight," He said softly, regretfully. "It is my brother's and mine, and we have to settle it through the ways of the bold, in battle where wounds will weep blood and Death will come with his scythe to usher those of the fallen, where our souls will mingle once again with fire, from where we were born."

"You might say that now, but he will not listen. he won't let this sort of thing happen to his allies, no matter what the reason is," Bel Bel said, once again showing that wisdom that an old mare would only have.

She liked Pheonix. and though she was tiny, she kenw a lot more than some woulf think her to have learnt in her travells.

Phoenix looked at her, grateful and humbled by the extent which his friends were willing to help him. He smiled, but his pride still would not let him accept help from an outsider. He would settle this with his brother - by himself.

"Thank him for me," He repeated gently. "But tell him that these matters are needed to be settled according to our customs."

"I will tell him, though I doubt he will listen. He'll probably come here when I tell him, so you might want to explain to him before Donovan comes here. He also mentioned that if you wanted your herd to be safe while you're away dealing with him, however you have to, they would be safe in Snowy River Forest.”

Sundawn smiled. “My brother thinks of everything,” she laughed.

Phoenix laughed, flicking his sooty ears, turning to nudge Sundawn affectionately. "Yes, he does. And I also see where your stubbornness comes from," He teased, flicking his tresses of flames.

Turning back to Bel Bel, he nodded. "Thank you. When the time nears, I will send Sundawn to Snowy River Forest, and I will remain here to fight."

"Is there no one else you would want safe that runs in your herd here?" Bel Bel asked, chuckling lightly at the words that Pheonix said.

Though she would not be able to fight in the battle against Corus, unless against one of the wolves or foals, she would still do what she could there.

"I am glad though that Sundawn is happy still here. Sundara will be happy to hear of that as well, Sundawn. You really should come and visit us soon, daughter...."

"One day i will, mother."

Phoenix laughed softly along with Thowra's creamy dam. "I'm afraid not. I have not been looking for more faes lately." The grey stallion smiled affectionately, tossing his tresses. "I promised she would be, did I not?" He grinned, suddenly looking like a childish young colt than a weary and worried stallion.

"At least you have kept your promise, and that is something that matters to me and Sundara. He'll be happy about that. Though you not having others here surprises me. I would have thought tehre would be others. It's a rare sight to see a herd with only one mare in it."

Even if that lone mare was my daughter....

Phoenix laughed. Bel Bel always managed to make him feel better with her sharp but honest comments. It was a pleasure to finally meet someone who spoke their minds without beating around the bush. The grey stallion tossed his head merrily, laughter twinkling in his eyes.

"It is," He admitted. "But I am more comfortable with few horses around. I do not long for the company of others now."

She chuckled and then spoke once more. "I will go now, and let Thowra know that you got his message, though he would never dare to doubt me." She nipped Sundawn and then faded off into the trees, trackless as her son and daughters were.

Sundawn watched the old mare moving away and then looked at Pheonix. She knew she was only young but there was one thing she longed for.

"Pheonix, there is something I wanted to ask you."

Phoenix dipped his head to the aged mare, red flames glowing softly. "I thank you once again for your warning," He said formally, watching as Bel Bel soon faded into the trees, going back to where her son dwelled.

He was pulled out of his reverie by Sundawn, as she called his name. Turning his head, he smiled questioningly, pricking his harks, wondering what is it she wanted.

"Speak, Sundawn," Phoenix said gently. "If it is within my power to answer or to grant, you shall have it."

Sundawn looked at the older horse and smiled a little. She knew he would likely be able to give her what she wanted this time.

"I would... like a foal, if you will..." she murmured.

She really hoped that this would be something he would be happy to have around here at the moment. While the peace... lasted.

Phoenix expected to hear many things, but what she asked for surprised him the most. Not, he thought wryly, that he should have expected anything less.

The grey stallion wanted nothing more than to agree, to have a little one running by their sides. But he knew that it would not be safe while his brother hunted him.

"Sundawn... I would be honored to give you a foal." A pause. "But do you think that this is the right time? Donovan could be hunting me right now. I don't wish to see you or our newborn foal hurt..." He said, trailing away uncertainly.

"I know that Blade won't want me being hurt. Though he seems not to care about others, he does about family. The only one he does not really care about is my brother, and I know that he might use you against Thowra, in some way. Our foal will be fine, Pheonix."

Not to mention that any foal I bore would be at least half hellion too. That would please my oldest brother. He valued hellion blood too much and I knew that. Nothing would happen to our young one. The young one would be kept safe, I would never let any one hurt any foal I ever bore.

Phoenix hesitated a little more, before giving in and sighing. He leaned forward, nuzzling Sundawn on her cheek, murmuring, "Do you always have to make so much sense?" He laughed lightly, flames flickering before he gently mounted her.

When he dismounted, Phoenix tossed his head, giving a little buck. "How can he?" The grey stallion asked. "He knows I'll choose death before I betray my alliance."

"Bel Bel is my mother, Pheonix. She is the one who taught me about all these thigns really. I'm just taking the things I know from her and using them when needed. She taught me a lot of things."

She laughed as well though, waiting while he did what he had to.

"Who knows hoe he would do that?? No doubt the king of his homeland, Blade of Flames, my own half brother, full brother to Thowra, will be with him."
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Chapter 5 - There are no words for this!
With a grace not seen in quite some time due to the foal she had been carrying, the young palomino mare moved through her forest home. Behind her a small two week old flaxend chestnut colt followed after her.

He was very happy that he was going to meet his father for the first time. Sundawn had been telling him all about the grey stallion who was his father.

He had the flaming mane and tail of his mother though. He had her grace and beauty but he was stronger built than her though he was only weeks old.

"Pheonix, I have returned."

Sundawn knew that he would come to meet his son, Sabedoria or Wisdom.

Phoenix pricked his ears, a sudden glow of surprise and pleasure springing into his orbs. He sensed... Sundawn and another presence. A youngling. It must be his son!

The grey stallion snorted in excitement, tossing his head and answering her call with gusto. He trotted lightly forward, dodging and weaving around any trees in his path.

A wisp of scent came to his nostrils. Phoenix pushed forward, seeing the colt and his mother standing in a clearing. The young stallion nickered a greeting, moving forward to touch noses with Sundawn.

Bending his head, he nuzzled to foal, love glowing in his eyes. "What is your name, young one?" He asked gently.

Sundawn smiled as she greeted Pheonix. She had been looking forwards to returning to him. Things had taken too long to happen while she was away.

This was the place she belonged. She knew there was no chance she would ever leave here, nor would she leave Pheonix behind. Never could she do that.

"My name is Sabedoria," the colt replied. "I can't remember what it means."

Sundawn chuckled softly. "It means Wisdom, son."

His son spoke, his young tones strong and sure, Already, Phoenix could see him becoming a great stallion as he grew older. A tender smile slipped onto his face as the colt spoke of his name.

"Wisdom... Sabedoria..." He studied the colt, flicking his tail at him. "It suits you." His tone was full of warmth and pride, as he raised her head and smile.

I smiled. "I've already taught him a bit," I said, flicking my tail. :He knows a bit already about the land, and he knew who you were the moment he saw you."

Sabedoria smiled. "That I did, father."

Phoenix shook his head, snorting lightly as a playful gleam grew in his eyes. Tresses flared as he tossed his head, looking at both dam and foal. "Want to race?" He asked playfully, tipping his head as he laughed. He would go easy on Wisdom, of course, but if he were to race with Sundawn alone... He was not sure who exactly would be the victor.

"Sure," Sundawn agreed. She loved to run and her stallion knew that about her. Being one of the silver horses meant that she was born to race with the others. There was nothing she liked doing more than using the speed that her mother had gifted her when she was born. "Been a long time since I raced with my sister, Bella."

Wisdom laughed, andnodded as well. he seemed as eager as she was, but then again she had passed to him that same gift that her mother had done. She knew there was nothing like a good race to spend the day doing.

Phoenix snorted in amusement, turning his attention to his surroundings. “Ready?” He cried out playfully, muscles coiling and tensing in expectation. “Let’s go!” He shot forward, tresses dancing wildly in the wind created by his speed. Legs pumping wildly, he let out an exultant neigh as he rounded a bend - only to stop dead in his tracks, coming nose to nose with a crimson horse.

“Greetings, brother,” Donovan said, orbs glinting darkly as he took a menacing step forward. “I see you’ve not learnt that lesson Father tried to teach you…? And who’s this?” He hissed, eyes flashing to the two shapes hurtling out of the undergrowth next to Phoenix.

The golden mare stopped as she saw the other stallion. She knew who he was, it had to be the only horse she had heard of who lived with her uncle in the mountains. How can he be here? she thought in confusion.

Sabedoria stopped when she did, moving behind her and behind Pheonix as well.

"What brings you here, stallion," she asked. She knew that she had the right to ask him such things, she was Pheonix's only mare and therefore likely his queen as well, though he'd never told her that.

"Manners, Sundawn my sister," came another voice, and out came Blade.

"Blade.." she gasped. "What in hells name are you doing here!"

Phoenix stared at his older brother with wide eyes, shock evident on his face, before he quickly schooled it in a mask of calm. Crashing noises in the undergrowth alerted him, and he mentally kicked himself, desperately praying that his family would somehow end up on the other side of the territory. No such luck though.

He glanced at Sundawn when she spoke, eyes pleading with her to remain silent. “What?” The powerful hellion taunted, orbs flashing with barely-concealed hatred, his flames rising higher and getting hotter. “No words to say, brother?” Donovan spat, flicking his auds as Blade came out. He enjoyed the look of fear that flashed in his brother’s eyes, his own glittering with distrust and hate.

Phoenix narrowed his eyes, his own fury rising. “Get out,” he spat. “Both of you. This is my land and you’re intruding.” He took a step forward, crimson orbs locking with his brother’s.

Donovan rolled his eyes, smirking. “So confident you can defeat me?” He asked coolly. “I seem to remember the last time we fought, and it was not you who emerged unscathed.”

Phoenix paused, setting his shoulders and standing his ground. “What do you want?”

She sighed, stopping where she was. not another word did she say, instead she chose to move away from Donovan and Pheonix, backing away with her son. Blade though seemed interested in talking with her, and he moved over towards her after saying, "Don't worry, I won't hurt your Queen, Pheonix."

Mockery though sounded in his voice.

"What makes you think I want to speak with you, Blade? You're evil, unlike my other brother."

"Thowra is weak, Sundawn. You'll see soon enough."

Phoenix glared at Blade, a sharp retort hovering on the tip of his tongue. His orb flashed venomously, as his harks twitched. The grey stallion longed to run to Sundawn’s side, yet he dared not turn his back on his brother. He shook his head, knowing Sundawn would be more than capable of taking care of herself. His heart beat loudly with fear, as he faced down his brother bravely.

“So, Don. Turning our parents against me wasn’t enough? You’ve come to finish me off now?” A derisive note sounded in his voice, as his flames flared.

The crimson stallion growled low in his throat. Don. He hated that nickname. “No, of course not, brother,” He said, a poisonous sweetness in his voice. “More like… A bond, a blorhd-wreisth, perhaps?” He suggested lightly, slipping into their language for blood vow.

I looked between Donovan and Pheonix in confusion. What on earth had that strange wold meant? I could see that Blade knew what was being said though I did not. I didn't like the smirk growing on my older half brother's maw as the two brothers spoke.

Something was bad at the moment for Pheonix. I hoped he would not agree and that they were just going to leave us alone in peace. What need had they of Thuder Meadows?

Phoenix stiffened as he came to a stop in shock, staring at Donovan with wide crimson eyes. Donovan, too, paused, as he evenly met the grey stallions orbs, blood red staring into ruby. Blood into blood. The last rays of the sun slipped over the horizon, as the sky turned crimson, as though foreshadowing the blood that would be spilled. A wind quieted, and it was suddenly as though only the two brothers existed.

Their gaze held, hatred and anger flaring in each of them. Phoenix broke the silence. "And if I refuse?" He asked coolly, voice betraying none of the apprehension he felt.

Donovan snorted softly, his silky voice sending a shiver down his younger brother's back. "Then... It would be most unpleasant for the horses of this land, would it not?"

His flames flared, and Phoenix's eyes widened fractionally, before cooling into hard determination.

"Then, brother, let us fight. And may the best horse win."

"You cannot fight over her, Donovan. That would break the thing which Thowra and I have between us as I know that Pheonix is allies with Thowra," Blade said quickly.

Sundawn was worried now. She did not like the idea of Pheonix fighting at all. She knew though that some stallions could get answers no other way. A thing that annoyed her greatly.

Why could they not settle this with words instead of violence?

Donovan spared Blade a quick glance. "I did not mean her, specifically," He rumbled, fangs flashing. "I meant that if he were to refuse my challenge..." The crimson horse looked back at Phoenix, a murderous intent in his eyes. "I'm sure there are many others, wanders, happy to find out they died because my brother was too much of a coward to refuse a battle."

His battle-hungry muscles tensed, as he flattened his auds, tired to speaking. "Phoenix of Thunder Meadows, do you accept my challenge?"

The grey stallion glanced at Sundawn, anguish and sorrow in his eyes, before he looked back at Donovan. "I do, Donovan of Clan Irshak," He responded, the familiar battle words of ritual rolling easily off his tongue. It stung, he acknowledged, that Donovan had not referred to him by Clan. But that could not be helped.

The red stallion, eyes gleaming with triumph and bloodlust took a step forward, feeling a haze of red cloud his eyes.

"Then I challenge you to a battle, the time is now, the place is here. The winner will get the allegiance of the other, and the loser will be forced to swear a blood-oath to the winner."

Finished, he stepped back, as both stallions tensed. The long-awaited battle was finally beginning.

The young mare snorted, saying only one thing, "Be careful and please don't lose." She quietened though, looking away as her half brother glared at her. If only the earth would listen to her at the moment and attack him. Surprisingly a tremour ran through the ground, seeming to originate where she stood. She saw the others shake as it touched them but she stood there calm as if nothing happened.

Maybe the earth did listen to her at the moment. It was a surprising thing for her. She was a fae of the Earth!

Phoenix nodded at her. But before any of them could begin, a tremour ran through the earth. They paused, eyes widening with shock, before refocusing their attention on each other.

Donovan's eyes narrowed with concentration, bunching his muscles and leaping forward. Nimbly, his brother dodged, only to get a singed flank. Shoot and dodge, dodge and shoot. It continued like this for a while. A stale-mate, with neither wanting to give in.

Unfortunately, Donovan's strength was much greater than Phoenix's, and he was a shade more skillful. Nobody could see what happened, but suddenly, Phoenix was on the ground, Donovan standing over him, triumph glittering in his eyes.

"Do you submit?"

The earth shook again, a lot harder this time, but it was not Sundawn's doing this time. This time, no it was more of an earthquake, and Sundawn knew that. She stood still, knowing the earth would hurt only Donovan and Blade, not any of her other family.

"Why can't you just leave your brother alone?"

"Because he would be useful to us, Sundawn," Blade laughed. "That's why Donovan cannot."

A rumble shook the earth, and Donovan knew he had run out of time. Hissing with annoyance at having his fun cut short, the powerful red stallion reached down and tore a gash in Phoenix's wings, crimson blood flowing out. Using his fangs, a gash appeared on both their chests, as his blood dripped onto Phoenix's. Steam rose, and coiled around both of them, wreathing round them, as Donovan said the words that would complete the vow.

It was done. Smirking with satisfaction, he tossed his head with triumph, standing aside and allowing his brother to get up. Wincing, Phoenix did, his wings low with exhaustion.

It was complete.

What had he done to Pheonix? I may have caused the first of the two tremors, but not the second. My eyes though continued to glare at the inferno horse and his own king, my half brother.

Blade seemed to realise that if they did not go now, then there would be other things that I would do to them both.

"I'll get you for this, Sundawn. You are no sister of mine."

I laughed and then replied coldly. "You're less of a brother than Thowra is to me. You'll never take his place."

"Come on Donovan, lets get back home," Blade muttered, turning to leave.

The two brothers stood face to face, in each of their eyes, a raging hatred blazed, though humiliation and disgust in one, and triumph and glee in the others. Now, they were blood brothers even more.

"Remember your vow... Brother. Or enjoy a million years in what makes Alaska seem like a volcano."

The crimson stag stepped back and nodded at Blade. Together, the two horses disappeared into the greenery of the now polluted forest.

Phoenix stared after them, his expression bleak, blood still dripping from his cuts. But now, there was a faint ring about his neck - the sign of a blood vow.

Turning his gaze to Sundawn, he lowered his eyes. "I'm so sorry," A hoarse whisper emerged. "I wasn't strong enough."

"You would have felt me trying to help you as it was anyway. That first small quake was my doing, but I cannot be to blame for the stronger one. I think the earth noticed the unease I felt as I watched you both fighting, and it decided it would help. That is the only way I can explain that one."

She sighed.

"It matters not. I know you can only do what you have the strength in you to do."

Phoenix nodded slowly, his eyes troubled as he shook his head, and gave her a small smile in a vain attempt to cheer them both up. The bond he created meant that both he and his brother could share thought; their minds were linked.

The winged stallion grimaced, looking down at his blood-splattered body. "Come, on," He grunted. "I want to wash this off."

She followed him, not knowing what had happened to him. "What exactly did he do to you?" She was curious as was her son, though she knew there was much that could be spoken of there. The little foal had been frightened by the fight, and she knew it. But he would have to learn to fight himself.

It was not something that any mare liked to think of for their son, but she knew that it was a part of life really.

Phoenix sighed, ruffling his wings. Turning his head, his gaze lingered on first, Sundawn, then his young colt. "Donovon... He created a blood-bond between us. I must obey him... Or I will spend an eternity on hell... Not literally of course. But what might make hell seem like a cozy place."

He snorted, anger brewing in his eyes, before it subsided. He gave a slight smile. "Though there should be nothing to worry about... Yet."

"Is there no way to get rid of it?" She was annoyed at the other horse now. Maybe her brother would think of something. He usually came through for her and Bella. Not to mention the countless others he had helped at some point in time.

She dearly hoped there was a chance for them.

Before she had even finished speaking, he was shaking his head. Phoenix sighed, plodding onwards. "None that I know off. We've been using this method for thousands of years to control our enemies... And have been successful."

The grey stallion stopped at the small bond, waves lapping against his hooves as he stared out into the distance thoughtfully.

There may yet be hope for him, I thought as we reached the edge of the pond.

"This is not your old homeland though, Pheonix. There may yet be a way around it."

That was very true, but she was thinking of one person who might be able to remove it. Hidden Illusion.

Other things happened here in Freedoms Palace and there was no chance one horse could account for all of them in doing something to another. Most of the horses and animals though were freinds.

He nodded, looking wearily at Sundawn. "But we've tried and tried. There's no way to remove it unless the speaker willingly lets the bond-wielder go. Apparently our blood is linked, and he now controls me."

Yet, hope flickered in his heart, like dying embers. Was it possible?

"I will never beleive that there is nothing left to try and break it. What of Hidden Illusion? Her mother brought my brother back from the dead, maybe Hidden would be able to help you?"

Sundawn stomped one foot, sending a tremour in the direction of Misty Mountains in her own anger. There was no messing with those of the earth. Things only got dirty when you did.
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The Ire of Blade [FebNoWriMo starring our characters]
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