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 Graceful Nights

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PostSubject: Graceful Nights   Graceful Nights EmptySun Jan 30 2011, 21:33

Username: Alamandy

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Graceful Nights

Age: 4

Species: Horse

Breed: unicorn/ winged


Description: she is jet black with lighting on the left side of her face. although her wings are tipped with blue as is her golden horn.

Height: 18.2

History: Grace was born when her mothers owner was helping out in a war. when she was seen she was ordered shot and when her mothers owner went to do as he was told and found he could not do it. so he took away and scared her off. But she came back, so the man who had order her shot to begin with went to shot her. He looked in her eyes finding that he two could not do it said she could stay.

so she went with them though many guns fires and then before she ran off almost drowned. she was helped out by her owner and one man from the other side. doing this everyone stopped fighting but one men shot her owner though his heart. She tried to wake him up for quite some time but he would not no matter how hard she tried. Then the gun fire went off again so she ran not wanting to be there anymore. Her mother followed and took care of her until she was killed my a large cat.

She wondered around after that for 2 years growing mean . In the time though people tried to catch her many times. One time the rope got around her neck but she kept moving and tried to jump down a steep slope but the rope got caught and she hung there choking. In the short time while she could not breathe something changed from the kind mare she really was into something darker and full of hate. the man cut her free and she quickly moved off.

by the way the reason she never flew is they clipped her wings like a birds so she could not and the reason why she did not to keep herself from choking is that she never really used them before hand.

Personality: she is quite heartless and takes strength from her own pain. she will be calm most of the time. for one thing that is strange for this dark heart is she hopes but never really shows it at all.

Image (optional): its the black one and its there just to show her markings

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PostSubject: Re: Graceful Nights   Graceful Nights EmptySun Jan 30 2011, 21:58

nice accepted... post in taken names
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Graceful Nights
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