New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Name: Toxique

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Poison Wolf

Gender: Male

Description: Toxique is a sickly green hue mostly but has lighter green on his belly and under his chin and neck. He has black on all four legs and light green feet. On his back are large black quills filled with poison - he has the capability to kill by flailing them off of his back of ramming them into someone. He is taller than the rest of the pups and wears a collar with a chain looped around it.

Height: 4ft

History: Toxique was born in the great African savanna with his four other brothers and sisters. Life was rather boring until they met the queen and king. Each of them were trained to be fighters, assassins that never backed down without winning. Their skills increased greatly, and they were all great hunters. Toxique got into the most fights, especially those with lions and humans. Once the humans came to try to capture him for his coat. All they managed to get on him was a collar with chain hanging from it. As he got older, he got a thirst to see the world, himself, so he set out.

Personality: Toxique is sarcastic and borders on the line of aggressive sometimes. He likes to fight and is the greatest rebel out of all the pups, but he isn't truly evil. Toxi has a heart for females and will fight for the side of good, if he thinks they're right. Toxique is very opinionated; he sticks to his beliefs like glue sticks to paper - he's judgmental of other males, especially when they're coming around his sisters. He's not afraid to get injured or even to die, if he's doing something worthwhile when he does.

Parents: Laila and Soul Render

Image (optional): Toxique Toxique__gift__by_creepynurse
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