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 Galeth and Thyme

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PostSubject: Galeth and Thyme   Galeth and Thyme EmptySun Jan 30 2011, 08:52

Username: otho

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Name: Galeth and Thyme

Age: Galeth is 5, Thyme, 11

Species: Horse

Breed: Galeth: Mustang. Thyme: American Quarter Horse

Gender: Mares

Description: Galeth is a light buckskin, with chocolate brown eyes and a white star on her forehead. Thyme however, is a stately mare of purest black, with sea green eyes and an air of supreme intelligence.

Height: 15.1 hh and 15.3 hh

History: Galeth was born to a forcer and his queen, but soon left them, preferring the peaceful herds that were terrorized by her sire's herd. However, a plague swept down from the mountains, and Galeth, along with a few others had to abandon their old pastures and flee before it could do its deadly work within them.For a time, she wandered alone, after having stumbled into the edges of these strange kingdoms. However, after a year, she met Thyme...

Thyme, she discovered, was once a young horse living on a southern ranch, but had run from it when an accident caused it to burn down. She'd joined up with a small herd of mustangs in the area, before they were hunted down. She escaped the hunters, and had somehow managed to find the foothills of vast mountains, whereupon she entered the palaces of freedom.

The two soon became friends, and together headed out towards the claiming river, learning of its location from friendly creatures, including a young grass snake. There they met Delmarva, and were soon accepted into his herd.

Personality: Galeth is a veritable firecracker, first in a fight, and last out. Next to her, Thyme is the calming presence, and the two together will often provide both useful advice and excellent strategies. Polar opposites, they often disagree on means, methods, and ends, but respect each other enough to listen to the other's ideas and try to see the good in each new thought.

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PostSubject: Re: Galeth and Thyme   Galeth and Thyme EmptySun Jan 30 2011, 20:48

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Galeth and Thyme
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