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 Escena Cayó

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PostSubject: Escena Cayó   Escena Cayó EmptySat Jan 29 2011, 14:46

Name: Escena Cayó

Age:3 yrs

Species: Wolf

Breed:Russian Wolf

Gender: She- Wolf

Description: Escena is a very pretty wolf with strange markings, She is quite Skinny too. She is a reddish Brown, with odd gray stripes along her back. They seem to be going across, which might make her look a little bit weird. She has wings that seem to be almost seem to be like Bat wings. Her claws are longer than most.

Height: 32 in

History: Escena comes from a weird past, it's very hard to explain. Her father was an forcer her mother an Evil She- wolf. When Escena was born she was taught all the cruel ways of life. Somehow Escena managed to pull through and by some miracle it didn't do a thing for her.

Personality: Escena has turned out to be nothing like her mother in fact, She is not evil. She has a heart of gold and is almost friendly to everyone she sees. She might just be way to friendly and will give her life up for a friend. She is loyal to her friends and tries to understand others no matter how different they are and usually she does. She ain't afraid to speak what she's thinking, usually it's only good things and is good at calming others down without a fight.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.

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PostSubject: Re: Escena Cayó   Escena Cayó EmptySat Jan 29 2011, 19:26

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Escena Cayó
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