New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Ever   Ever EmptyFri Jan 28 2011, 20:04

Username: alamandy

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Ever

Age: 4

Species: Horse

Breed: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Description: Ever is pure black with a long mane but her tail is not like the tail of a normal horse its like that of a zebras tail but much long and has a lot more hair on the tip and there is places along her tail that there is more hair.. um she has a silver horn and dark green eyes. her wings are a mix between a bats and dragons wing. She has a scorpion of white with many different shades of gray on the upper part of her nose.

Height: 18.3

History: Ever was always a dark free soul. i was born in a very dark land no horse wanted to be there but me and mother had to stay. when i was weaned for my mothers milk my farther came and took me away from her, i would never see her again. He trained my hard and when i had gotten used to being worked hard he made me go into a desert alone. I walked many miles living on what i could and so i lived there for 2 years and that was when i started to use my horn ad magic and my wings to fly seeing as he never told me how to use them. then he came to find me and started to beat me until i had many scars but they were mostly hidden scars and they were deep. not that i wasn't mean and dark before but now after what he had done with me i was meaner and darker.

Personality: She is mean and will not hesitate to hurt another. when annoyed she will either take it out on the one who annoyed her or on others. she will respect those she knows and is only kind to any foals she might have until they a year old.

Image (optional):

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PostSubject: Re: Ever   Ever EmptyFri Jan 28 2011, 21:01

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