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PostSubject: LiiLuu   LiiLuu EmptyFri Jan 28 2011, 13:48

Name: LiiLuu.

Age: 4 years old.

Species: Horse.

Breed: Arabian.

Gender: Mare/

Description: LiiLuu is about 15 hand tall. She is elegantly built, with long, nimble legs. Her muscles are well-developed from all of the traveling that she has done in her young age. Her pelt is a dark dapple gray with a light colored face. Mane and tail are light and dark gray, with her tail having a bit of blond on the ends.

Height: 15 hh.

History: I was raised in a family of drifters. We never stayed anywhere long. It seemed as if every few moons, we would be on the move again. Mother always told me it was because the gypsies were trying to steal me, but I could never understand why. I was normal, like any other mare and foal in our little traveling herd. Mainly, we stuck to the deserts, and the traveling helped me built stamina and strength quickly as I grew up. We passed through a land called Freedom's Palace once, and I wanted my mother and I to stay, but she refused. Once my mother informed me that I was old enough to leave, I turned and went straight back to Freedom's palace. And now I'm here, looking for a new home.

Personality: Most horses say that I'm nice. Sometimes they think I'm too nice. Other times I can have a little bit of an attitude but it's never too bad. I try my hardest to get along with everyone, and I usually follow orders pretty well, unless I'm in a particularly spunky mood. I hold grudges for a while, so please don't upset me or we could lose our friendship for forever.

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LiiLuu Mares-lulu
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