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New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Sara   Sara EmptyWed Jan 26 2011, 23:21

Name: Sara

Age: 4

Species: Horse

Breed: Hellion

Gender: Mare

Description: A gorgeous, glowing body with a pelt as orange and sleek as the flames which make up her mane and tail. A pair of beautiful, fiery wings grow from each side of her body, covered with downy feathers, though they too, glow orange. Her horn is dangerously sharp, and a blue fire burns within it.

Height: 15.3hh

History: She was born princess of her herd. Yet, she was not content. Her parent's rules suffocated her, and she broke free of their leash, killing them and entering these new lands, leaving her herd and old life behind. She wishes to make herself known here, as much as she was at her old home.

Personality: Cold and calculating, she is. She shows no mercy, and loves to inflict pain on others. Sara is not power hungry, but she prefers to control others, than to be the one being controlled. She cannot abide it. She might always have a semblance of calm from her diplomatic training, but she has a violent temper when unleashed.

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