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Name: Elegia.

Age: 5 years old.

Species: Horse.

Breed: Antianara horse.

Gender: Mare.

Description: Elegia is sleek, and colored a dark gray. She stand nearly 19 hands at her withers, making her head tower over any average sized equine. She has sulphurous yellow eyes and a long, wild mane. Scars litter her body, counting in total to be one hundred and five scars, close to the amount the queen Laochra has to her name. Elegia is strong and can win a fight against nearly any other equine, or other species, for that matter.

Height: 19 hands.

History: Elegia does not remember her mother. They were separated at a young age for Elegia. She grew up training to be a hunter, like all of her kind. Elegia excelled and progressed faster than many that were her age. She became very well-known through their species and one day she hoped to become like their queen, Laocha. Many battles she has waged, and won, with the scars and the intelligence to prove it.

Personality: Deadly. Elegia will kill any she pleases. She is not easy to make happy, nor is she easy to impress. She has seen it all, every thing a stallion can try to do to win her over, and she has killed many who have tried to make an advance on her. She seems to be cold, heartless, and she truly is.

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Elegia Thepooka
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