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 Tanzerin - "Dancer"

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PostSubject: Tanzerin - "Dancer"   Tanzerin - "Dancer" EmptyMon Jan 24 2011, 15:52

Name: Tanzerin

Age: 2 years old.

Species: Wolf.

Breed: Gray wolf - cross.

Gender: Female.

Description: Her white coat is always clean and lush. She has white wings with very thin, lime green stripes the trail the front of her wings, and go down her back, to the tip of her bushy white tail. Tanzerin has gray eyes and wears a string with a small pouch around her neck. No one knows what is in the pouch, no one has ever really asked her.

Height: 3 feet.

History: Tanzerin does not know her own history. She does not remember her parents, nor where she came from. She only knows that the thing in the pouch around her neck is all she has of her parents, and she has a feelings that they both have perished.

Personality: Tanzerin is very shy. She does not like to approach others, and she rarely asks for help. Her shyness causes her to be one of few words and it is hard to get anything out of her unless one asks specific, detailed questions that require detailed answers.

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PostSubject: Re: Tanzerin - "Dancer"   Tanzerin - "Dancer" EmptyFri Jan 28 2011, 21:04

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Tanzerin - "Dancer"
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