New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Dakota   Dakota EmptyMon Jan 24 2011, 15:45

Name: Dakota.

Age: 3 years old.

Species: Wolf

Breed: Gray wolf.

Gender: Female.

Description: Dakota is a petite and agile female, much like her close friend Ariana. Dakota is slightly larger than Ariana, closer to the size of an average female Gray Wolf. Her coat is mainly black, with sparse patches of reddish brown. She had one eye that is a crystal clear blue, that she is blind out of, and her other eye is a dark brown.

Height: About 3 and a half feet at her shoulder

History: Dakota was born in harsh times, when wolf packs were fighting to the death over territory due to a famine that had struck her homeland. Her father was one of the head hunters, which also meant he was a brutal and violent wolf. From the moment Dakota could walk, he taught her to fight and to defend herself. When she disobeyed his orders, she would be punished, brutally. During one of her punishments just after she had reached the age of One year, her father called on several of his students to fight her. Dakota fought back viciously but sadly lost the sight in her right eye when one of the larger males grabbed her by the head and slammed her to the ground. After this incident, Dakota made it her goal to leave home. And so she did. Just after she turned the age of Two, she set out to find a new home, or to roam the lands as a loner. Yet she met up with three others that had chosen to roam alone instead of remain in their homes. And they have become almost like a family..

Personality: Due to her brutal raising and the torture her father put her through, Dakota is quite a harsh and nasty wolf. She does not like meeting new canines and definitely does not like having to talk to others or take orders. She believes she set out on her own to not listen to orders any more. Do not anger her, for she will not hesitate to fight to the death.

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PostSubject: Re: Dakota   Dakota EmptyTue Jan 25 2011, 15:09

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