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PostSubject: Ariana   Ariana EmptyMon Jan 24 2011, 15:40

Name: Ariana, "Ari"

Age: 5 years old.

Species: Wolf.

Breed: Timber wolf.

Gender: Female.

Description: Ariana is small, smaller than an average female wolf but she is not too much smaller. Her bodice is slender and she is agile and well-muscled. Her eyes are a deep, beautiful amber color and her coat is unique with different shades of gray. Light gray, dark gray, and white.

Height: About 3 feet tall at the shoulder.

History: Ariana was born as a daughter to the Alphas. She grew quickly tired of the pack life and set off on her own to find her own adventures. SHe has recently met up with a group of other loners, seeking some destination unknown to her. They are all from different backgrounds and have different personalities. Their names are Fell, Gematria, and Dakota and they have made their own little family.

Personality: Ariana is a very loving and friendly wolf. She gets along with just about anyone and does not believe in physical confrontation. She will do her best to avoid arguments of any sort, especially fights, though she will stand up for herself when it is neede.d Do not let her little size fool she, she can fight when she wants to.

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