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 Moonlight Sonata

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PostSubject: Moonlight Sonata   Moonlight Sonata EmptyMon Jan 24 2011, 04:02

Name: Moonlight Sonata

Age: Unknown

Species: Horse

Breed: Goddess of the Blue Moon

Gender: Mare

Description: A grey-black pelt, sleek and shiny as slate. On her right hind leg, a soft purple patch with a pale crescent moon. She has a bluish tinge on her pelt. Sonata's wings are wide and richly-feathered, allowing her to swoop easily into the sky at will. Her eyes are a pale forest green. Around her neck hangs something like an armoured plate with the symbol of the moon engraved on it. On her head, there is something that looks like an armoured plate too. Her mane and tail so not seem defined - blue, sparkling mist wafting about her neck and hind legs. A bluish aura follows her, till she almost seems to be stepping out of the mist.

Height: 16hh

History: Have you ever heard of the phrase "once in a blue moon"? Guess who started it? Moonlight Sonata is there is a separate entity of the moon. Whenever she decides to make an appearance, the moon will be surrounded with a blue haze - thus the saying. Nobody knows just how old Sonata is, or how she was born or created. Some say that the creator used mist, moonlight, starlight and music, forming a beautiful maiden - her. Others disagree, saying that she is unnatural, the a spawn of the devil. No one really knows for sure what the truth is. Not even her.

She has power, and it is strongest at night, when moonlight illuminates the earth. Sonata can disguise her shape as a patch of glowing blue mist or can also light up a dark place with the moonlight within her. Her power, though, waxes and wanes with the moon. She is able to portray illusions and plant dreams while others are asleep. However, all of these abilities use up power. If her ’quota’ is used up for the day, she will have to ‘recharge’ by the moonlight. Her powers are the strongest at night and during the full moon, when she can draw easily on the moon’s power. Sonata’s powers are the weakest during the new moon and the daytime, when she has to tap on her own reserves of strength.

Personality: Sonata is neither truly good, nor is she truly bad. As the blue moon, she is halfway in between the purity of the full moon and the shadows of the new moon. Her motivations can be selfish, but they can also be noble, for a good cause. Sonata tends to keep to herself, cloaking herself in the swirling mists that surrounds her and masks her identity. She is quiet, but not unafraid to speak up or challenge other's opinions. She can be quite dominant at times.

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PostSubject: Re: Moonlight Sonata   Moonlight Sonata EmptyTue Jan 25 2011, 15:08

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Moonlight Sonata
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