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 Sweet Revenge

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PostSubject: Sweet Revenge   Sweet Revenge EmptySun Jan 23 2011, 17:07

Name:sweet Revenge

Age: 5 yrs

Species: Horse

Breed:Friesian x Warmblood x Percheron x Thoroughbred

Gender: Male

Description: He is a bay stallion with a blaze and four socks

Height: 18hh

History: He was born of a mother but died right after he was born. He was raised by his father and learned all the right ways supposedly to be a stallion. He learned how to fight too, and that was all he needed before he was captured by humans. That was when then again he escaped but he was of course never the same after that.

Personality: He is a neutral stallion, he doesn't believe in asking so he is quite forceful, but he is also a forcer.. not on purpose though he tries to control it but he cannot. He other than that is quite moody, but he also can be quite nice and is capable of falling in love.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.

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Sweet Revenge
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