New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Nalini   Nalini EmptyFri Jan 21 2011, 17:53

Name: Nalini

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Fire Wolf x Dire wolf X Poison Wolf

Gender: Female

Description: Nalini is a beautiful bright blue femme with a very muscular bodice. Ebony marks caress her features, draping over her forehead and muzzle. It also lays upon all four of her pillars, moving down to her claws and paws, which are abnormally large because of her lineage. Like her mother, she had golden eyes. Fire glistens on the tips of her tassels at times, when she is tired or agitated.

Height: 4ft

History: Nalini grew up with her mother in Africa, being trained to be an assassin by Crepusculum and Draighean. Many things helped her to be a good fighter, but her heart wasn't in it like some of the others, unfortanately. Soon enough, they discovered that she had the power to control electricity and became a master at the art of taking it from the sky. As she neared the age of one, she noticed that she belonged in a different pack than the African one. Laila had always been supportive of her, no matter what road she chose, so it wasn't a problem that she didn't want to kill, but Crepusculum never forgot it.

Personality: Nalini is carefree and loving, a calm spirit drifting in the wind, undisturbed. She gets hurt easily because the others don't take to her as much because of her height and amount of muscle. Nalini is very loving when she gets to know someone, and she would never leave the right one for her. She doesn't like to kill but will if she must. Nalini is protective and won't let anyone come near her sisters and brothers that would harm them.

Parents: Laila and Soul Render

Image (optional): Nalini Ee7c54ced0641b5b1920451e6e502d6d
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