New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Brumby Heaven

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Brumby Heaven Horsebannererosaf

Thowra, son of Yarraman,the silver stallion, is currently king of the wild horses. Everything seems good if you are a freind to him. He knows though that The Brolga has not gotten over the fact he was defeated and will be plotting to turn others against him, so that in time The Brolga will be able to fight him again and take back his title of King.

The Brolga though is not alone though. In the Desert lands and Coastal areas, there are hellion horses. These two areas of territories are loyal to him, though they acknowledge Thowra is the king. If it were to come to a fight however, they would certainly be on The Brolga's Side.

The Forest and Mountain horses though are Thowra's freinds, and will seek to help him in a fight. This is something that The Brolga is not pleased about either. If he wants to defeat Thowra, he has to turn them against the silver horse.

Eventually though, his cruel heart wins out, as his beta, his son, Steel, manages to fight Thowra and beat him. Instead of killing him though, Steel banishes the silver horse to the Valley. Horses in the valley have no true side, but they still welcome Thowra amongst them.

Before this fight though, Thowra has taken a grey mare, Boon Boon, the daughter of The Brolga as his queen. Another prize of his is the palomino mare Golden. Thowra and Boon Boon have already had a pair of twins, Kunama and Lightning. Lightning is banished alongside his father but the two females are forced deep within The Brolga's main ground, never to escape.

The Brolga is intent on making Golden his queen, but she spurns his every try. She is lonely and like Boon Boon is sure that her king still roams out there, biding his time to return to her. Boon Boon also knows this has to be the truth, that Thowra is not as dead as Steel claims to have seen him. After all who else could be the caller of the stallion cry that can only be Thowra's?

Once or twice she sees the disappearing figure of the silver stallion in the desert, but every time she blinks, he is already gone. Can it really be Thowra watching over them? She tells Golden this, and Golden is relieved to hear that Thowra is most certainly not dead.

Thowra knows that he has to return to his lands and defeat The Brolga once and for all. What is with this rumour though that an old once defeated, rumored dead chestnut stallion runs in the Valley? Could it be Yarraman, Thowra's thought dead father?

How will Thowra manage to reclaim his title?

Thats the plot, so come on over to the site at
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Brumby Heaven
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