New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Allow Me To Introduce Myself

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PostSubject: Allow Me To Introduce Myself   Allow Me To Introduce Myself EmptyWed Jan 19 2011, 18:44

Trainwreck sauntered in to these lands. 'Haven of Peace'. He scoffed the name silently as he walked deeper in to the territory. The hellion stopped for a moment and looked to a tree near him. This land was very green, very alive. It made him sick. He wished he could have a land like Inferno Plains. His foolish mother has lost it to some imbecile. Trainwreck laughed. He believed she was losing her touch. Perhaps her age was finally showing, but that was highly doubtful.

He stopped once he reached the center of the land. Rearing, he called for Jeromo, ordering him to come forth so they could "discuss" the arrangements. Technically, this land was his now, but he did not want to create any enemy by removing the previous king from his home. King. It felt good to know that title was finally his. He reared yet again and once he landed, the grass around him, as far the eyes could see, turned brown, dead at his touch. Leaves fell from their branches and all around him, the earth died. Smirking, he waited for Jeromo to come. If he did not, Trainwreck would indeed kick him out.
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Allow Me To Introduce Myself
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