New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Name: Fell.

Age: 8 years old.

Species: Wolf.

Breed: Timber Wolf.

Gender: Male.

Description: Fell is a large, pure black wolf, a rare sight in a timber wolf. His eyes are a bright yellow-green and he has a small white mark on his left shoulder.

Height: He is a bit larger than any normal male, but not nearly as large as the old breed of dire wolf.

History: Fell does not remember his childhood well. His sister and brother died shortly after birth. His mother and father were shocked that he survived, for he had been born in the middle of a horribly harsh winter. Fell grew up in a normal family, though it was only him, his mother, father, and his mother's mother. His father pushed him from the pack when he became the age of three. Fell went on to become to king of a great pack, the Silver Mist Pack. He had a queen named Aka and there he had two litters of pups.

After a year and a half of living wonderfully, a horrible virus struck their valley. Many of them died, and those who didn't were separated. Fell lost contact with Aka and even his pups. Almost a year later, Fell ran in to his best friend, Star, who had been a member in his previous pack. Together, they returned to the valley and worked to restart the pack. Star soon became his queen.

A horrible wolf came to their lands, named Draighean. He took control, and banished Fell after severely injured him. After a few months, Fell returned to challenge Draighean to regain his position as king. Though Fell was older than Draighean, he was much more wise, and outsmarted the foolish male. Draighean came close to dying, but Fell showed him mercy, and they since created an alliance. The pack was never the same after that, and they all disbanded. After a while, Fell met up with three others, slowly, along the way. He has since come to reside in Africa with his friends and under the rule of Draighean, his previously defeated foe, and Drepusculum. Though none know of he and Draighean's past, they prefer to keep it secret.

Personality: He is kind and wise, though has a temper shorter than a rattlesnake's. Fell is a natural leader and gets along with everyone. He knows what to do in a bind and he has battle experience, thus giving him an edge when it comes to warfare and thinking quickly.

Image (optional): remember to include original link.
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